UO Alert: Faculty Club & Senate closed today, classes too.

Kudos to the OA’s and staff who have continued to work through all this. While closing the university is a semi-vacation for many of us, for them it is extra work and worry:

Due to inclement weather, the University of Oregon is closed Wednesday, February 27, 2019.

All events and classes are cancelled, including evening classes and events; all offices are closed.

Students who live on campus should use caution traveling through campus to residence halls and dining venues, and limit campus travel as much as possible.

Inclement weather details for employees are available online at: https://hr.uoregon.edu/about-hr/campus-notifications/inclement-weather

Employees responsible for responding to inclement weather and related cleanup under the university’s closure policy are expected to report to work, provided they can do so safely. Employees in this category should contact their supervisors if they have concerns about safety related to traveling to campus. Those required to be on campus should use extreme caution outdoors and beware of downed trees or power lines, or other hazards. Avoid walking in and around campus if possible.

Check alerts.uoregon.edu for more information and resources and please stay safe.

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5 Responses to UO Alert: Faculty Club & Senate closed today, classes too.

  1. Dog says:

    If you don’t have any power this is not a fucking semi-vacation ….

    • uomatters says:

      I have no power. I do have a headlamp, and am halfway through the new Frederick Douglass biography. Now I am at the office meeting students and recharging laptop.

      • Anonymous says:

        a good use of your time
        Frederick Douglass was multi talented and
        had pretty good impact – more people should know
        about him and his range of scholarship and activities

        but I wonder if he would get a UO merit raise because
        his metrics probably wouldn’t measure up to the way
        the UO assess scholarship

        • uomatters says:

          The lights and internet are now back on. I got as far as 1863. I hope Mr. Douglass’s story ends better than Mr. Lincoln and Captain John Brown’s did.

  2. me says:

    I worked non stop throughout this ‘semi vacation’ to help students during registration, to grade a take home exam that I did not cancel, to do graduate admitting, and to generally keep up with what needed to be kept up with in service to our students. It is appalling that you characterize it as a ‘semi vacation’ that diminishes all the work that some of your colleagues did, even without power. I graded exams by using a mobile hotspot and charging computer in the car.

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