6 Responses to RegisterGuard publishes “The Life and Death of Charles Landros”

  1. anon says:

    This seems to be a very sad story. Awful things happened. But it is most definitely not a story of police malfeasance. They did the best that they could in the situation. Those who would paint it as some monstrous act have an evil stripe across their souls.

    • solidcitizen says:

      No. The principal was working to deescalate a tense situation. The principal, who had talked with the mother and Charlie, seemed to think that something could be arranged. Only the police officer escalated a tense situation. He did this because he didn’t like how Charlie was dressed (his own words) and because Charlie wouldn’t answer his question. Watching the video, the police chose to make the situation violent by physically pushing Charlie out of the school and attempting to tackle him. One can argue Charlie made poor decisions, but only one person introduced violence, authority, and confrontation into the situation and that was the police officer.

      • Hippo says:

        What were the possible outcomes of shooting at the officer? He could have injured or killed the officer, and spent a significant portion of the remainder of his life in jail. He could have not injured anyone and been arrested. Or it could have played out just as it did. The middle possibility may be the preferred one, but for good reasons, police are trained to shoot to kill when their lives are threatened. Thus this best possibility had the lowest probability. What was to be gained by shooting at the officer? In my calculation, nothing. But if you believe in conspiracy theories, e.g. that the cops want to kill you, I suppose you may think you ar actually saving your own life. Given that I see no other reason one would shoot an officer in a middle school, I would suppose that is what Landeros thought. The bottom line is that his death illustrates that such beliefs, if not wrong, are deadly. It is fortunate that thinking milquetoast university administrators are actual fascist didn’t have similar consequences. Word have meaning. Save “fascists” for the real ones.

      • ArguablyNothing says:

        “One can argue Charlie made poor decisions”

        Charlie shot at a police officer. Framing this as an arguably poor decision (leaving open the possibility of arguments to the contrary) is exceedingly foolish and irresponsible.

  2. Too Many Guns says:

    Too many guns. Bringing guns and backpacks with extra ammo to a dispute at a middle school is awful. But in this crazy state it’s legal. I assume the concealed carry law also makes it legal at the UO. Oregon’s nutty gun laws make police officer jobs very dangerous. But the police unions never join educators and students to lobby hard for common sense gun laws. If the police unions took a strong stand, they’d save lots of lives, maybe even their own.

    • thedude says:

      While I agree too many guns is a problem, gun bans at schools have no teeth, and introduce no real safety, meerly an illusion of it.

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