UO closes controversial Confucius Institute, after DoD pressure

4/30/2019 update: Now official, according to reporter Michael Tobin, in UO’s newspaper of record, here.

Meanwhile the UO’s Twin Eden’s partnership with Gabon continues under the leadership of former Ambassador Eric Benjaminson – at least according to the official UO PR website here.

4/22/2019: Or at least that’s what the University of Kentucky’s PR flacks – apparently more on the ball than our Around the O ones – are reporting:


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6 Responses to UO closes controversial Confucius Institute, after DoD pressure

  1. A duck says:

    Good. Get your communist propaganda arm out of my country.

    • Deplorable Duck says:

      Perhaps their digs will be taken over by Hypatia (the feminist philosophy journal), which Around the O says has found a new home at UO.

  2. Jordan says:

    About time. If you said anything critical of the Communist Party in China they would threaten to tell the Chinese government on you. They were just a bunch of propaganda stooges bashing America and touting a China Ruled world.

  3. I do not identify as a duck says:
  4. hippo says:

    Good riddance. It appears there is no source of money too questionable for (many) professors.

  5. Russian says:

    He was a good fellow. His tenure at the UO and departure is just one of the many examples of VP mismanagement of his staff.

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