Pres Schill celebrates tuition increase with raises for football coaches

The Oregonian’s James Crepea has the news here:

Cristobal, who went 9-4 in his first full season at Oregon, will go from earning $2.5 million per year under his old contract to $2.6 million this year, with increases of $100,000 in each of the following four years.

Cristobal’s maximum attainable performance bonuses increase from $1,475,000 to $2,175,000. …

Cristobal signing off on his new deal is the last of a series of new contracts for Oregon’s football staff. Wide receivers coach Jovon Bouknight, inside linebackers coach Ken Wilson and defensive coordinator Andy Avalos were hired in the winter. In April, offensive line coach Alex Mirabal, tight ends and special teams coach Bobby Williams, safeties and assistant head coach Keith Heyward and cornerbacks coach Donte Williams and strength and conditioning coach Aaron Feld all signed extensions with raises through 2021.

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5 Responses to Pres Schill celebrates tuition increase with raises for football coaches

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Does anyone know how the athletic endowment is doing? You know, including the Knight legacy fund? Are they spending it down to pay for the arena and all their fancy salaries, scholarships, etc? I have little idea myself. Is it possible the Ducks could again become a major drain?

  2. New Year Cat says:

    So we actually have NO budget crisis. Otherwise we would not do this, right?

  3. Dog says:

    The budget “crises” only exists on paper in that we have a budget “model” that hardwires certain expenses to student tuition revenue with out any ability to cover any deficit in those areas from other existing funds.

    Yes, I know this is stupid.

    It is also one way to dismiss people that someone doesn’t want
    and I know a few such causalities that occurred on June 17.

    Yes, that should be illegal.

  4. New Year Cat says:

    It is more than embarrassing when so many people’s lives have been changed by layoffs. I have heard a rumor that FA/SS lost 25 people — can that be true? I also heard the understaffed UO Libraries lost a couple — who else has lost staff they can ill afford to lose? Who else has lost a job they needed even though it didn’t pay $100,000+? Plenty of puffery in Around the O but how about some real news? Does anyone know the truth of the numbers of people laid off/

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