UO pays equity consultant ~$120,000 to give 12 faculty $4,700

The blame for this debacle should be shared between the UO administration and the UAUO faculty union. The faculty union, however, has learned from it never to get involved in something that involves 50 hours of meetings with administrators and a consultant who makes a living telling administrators what they want to hear. Looking at the new Faculty Tracking Software scheme, it seems the administration took away a different lesson.

Long story short, 2 years ago then UAUO President Michael Dreiling signed an MOU with the administration for a 1.5% ATB raise for TTF in Jan 2019, with another 0.75% sent aside for “equity raises” – meaning raises directed at underpaid women and minorities, as identified by a standard regression model with department, rank, and time in rank as dependent variables. Any remaining funds were to got to ATB raises. It took UO about a year to hire a consultant. It took the consultant about a year to run a regression and interpret the outliers.

So, in fall, 12 TTF faculty will get equity raises averaging $4,700 each. The rest of the TTF will get ~0.5% retroactive, all with interest. UO has paid the consultant ~$120K, and burned through maybe 500 hours of OA and faculty time let’s call it $250K altogether, to transfer ~50K to 12 people. It may or may not be equitable, but it sure isn’t efficient.

More interestingly, at the same time UO was paying consultants to go through this process, which was almost entirely based on the premise that professors in the same departments with the same rank should be paid similarly, it was paying lawyers to argue, in the Jennifer Freyd case, that professors in the same department with the same rank do such different jobs that their work and salary cannot be compared.

It will be interested to see how the courts reconcile any lawsuits that might come out these equity raises with the Freyd lawsuit, which has been appealed to the 9th circuit.

Meanwhile Missy Matella, who ran the Gender Equity Project, won’t give me the regression results unless I pay her ~$400, but they’ve posted a lot of descriptive stuff here.

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3 Responses to UO pays equity consultant ~$120,000 to give 12 faculty $4,700

  1. 120k says:

    120k for some bar charts and bullet points that could have been slapped together by an RA in about a week’s time.

  2. just different says:

    It ain’t about money. It’s about who gets control.

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