Pres Schill to let Rob Mullens burn another $2.5M on baseball:

Budget crisis? Not for the Ducks and their special subsidies. In the RG here:

New coach Mark Wasikowski confirmed that the Ducks plan to install a new turf on the baseball field and bring the fences in about 20 feet, but it is uncertain if those changes will be done in time for next season. Kendall Rogers of was the first to report Tuesday night that Oregon will invest $2.5 million for alterations to the ballpark. …


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9 Responses to Pres Schill to let Rob Mullens burn another $2.5M on baseball:

  1. Dog says:

    2.5 million = how many annual GE Salaries?

    ~100 …

  2. New Year Cat says:

    Proving to the GTFF, SEIU, and UAUO that the well is not dry, it has merely been siphoned off for non-academic use.

    • Dog says:

      Long story short

      I have a lot of information about the way Moffett operates, etc
      and of course, I am just a dog, so discount every thing that I bark:

      The well is nowhere close to being dry – it is only dry on paper because there is an item on the spreadsheet that basically says

      “commitment to future non-academic missions of the UO”

      this is a number that grows with time

      the academic mission of the UO, in the minds of the central administration, is to be only funded by

      a) tuition
      b) a limited amount of ICC return

      this is a number that is shrinking with time

      so yes, to use a technical term, so fucked up ….

  3. fed up says:

    So fucked up. THere is a real problem with Schill, and the Exec Leadership at UO. The continued disdain for financial honesty and transparency is hurting the institution.

  4. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    I get the unhappiness, but I don’t really see the “beef.” Where is the dough coming from? I don’t know, but I would guess athletics boosters, maybe Uncle Phil himself. If they want to throw $2.5M to get more hits at their stupid “park,” that may not be my cup of tea, I might think it’s dumb, but how exactly is that hurting any of us? I don’t see that anything of “ours” is being “siphoned off.” If anyone has any knowledge otherwise, please let the world know.

    Oh, I know, maybe it is all to taunt us. I agree, that would be kind of not nice.

    Face it, the “academic side” at UO is kind of on a slide. Losing a thousand foreign students. We collectively managed to alienate the one person who had the means and some desire to help us. Back almost 20 years ago. boo-hoo. Maybe somebody can still soften him up again. Maybe that someone is Mike Schill, maybe not.

    • Deplorable Duck says:

      Are the 2019-2020 enrollment stats available somewhere?

      Who’s the one person?

      • honest Uncle Bernie says:

        I think the enrollment stats will not be available until after Fall term starts i.e. after they see how many show up. I’ve heard expectations are pretty OK, which is about meaningless.

        One thing that few people around here seem to understand is that “the business” which is UO has taken a significant hit recently, and is not in great shape.

        The “one person” is Phil Knight. (I leave out alum and trustee Connie Ballmer and husband Steve Ballmer of Microsoft). If you don’t know the history, dig around on Phil Knight WRC (Workers Rights Consortium) around 2000. He got totally pissed off at the University, stopped giving money entirely for a long time. Then resumed with his beloved Ducks, and later, the “Knight Campus.” If he has given academic money to the “regular campus” since then, it has been very quiet.

        I believe one reason that UO is so indulgent of his athletic donations is that they hope to land a huge pile when Phil leaves this earthly scene. (Not the only reason; why shouldn’t they want the athletic money?)

        It is true that he offered to donate $800 million for a UO endowment if the state would match (in return for UO not asking for a state operating subsidy in the future). Astoundingly, the state turned this down. That was when Phil made his immortal crack about Oregon and assisted suicide.

        So he may still have plans for a great bestowal on UO. If so, for some reason, it is off in the future. Maybe he just likes to taunt us for what happened back in 2000. Or maybe it is more complicated than that. For some reason, he is holding back. I know very little about the man.

        • eugenenative says:

          And yet he gave tens of millions to Stanford, an unapologetic WRC member to this day.

          Stanford, of course, can take or leave Knight’s donation. And Knight, like any career bully, knows who he can push around and who he can’t.

          But please don’t pretend that Knight’s hurt feelings were based on ”principles” or any such considerations. He likes to call the tune and see the band scramble to play HIS music.

      • dog says:

        those figures won’t be officially codified until the end of October
        then the data will be on the IR website

        until then, estimates only

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