PAC-12 private equity deal to bail out UO finances?

Or just Rob Mullens’s? A skeptical John Canzano has the story here:

I did some digging into the proposal Pac-12 Conference commissioner Larry Scott has pitched his bosses.

The “Pac-12 NewCo” plan involves selling a 10 percent stake in a newly created media-rights holding company to private-equity investors. The deal is designed to infuse a one-time $500 million jackpot into the conference’s cash-disadvantaged athletic departments.

However, Scott’s proposal is based on a dreamy $5 billion valuation of the media enterprise. And we all know it’s not likely worth anything close to that. …

In the last three weeks, I sent inquiries to all 12 members of the Pac-12 CEO Group, asking a question — have they asked for an independent review of the conference’s finances?

Not the cursory drive-by look at the books that is typically done.

Not a cozy internal audit by Scott’s lieutenants.

A deep dive, like the one a private-equity firm would conduct.

Six members of the CEO Group responded. None of them indicated an outside audit had been ordered. Oregon State’s Dr. Edward Ray suggested I email the conference commissioner to ask him directly. So did USC interim president Dr. Wanda Austin. Arizona State’s Michael Crow passed the request to his vice president of communications.

Katie Pacquet, at ASU, issued a statement: “The conference is audited according to conference policy.”

A non-answer, essentially.

Oregon president Michael Schill didn’t respond. But a spokesperson for Schill, Kelly McIver, reached out via email and wrote: “Heard that ASU’s Michael Crow may have delivered a response on behalf of the rest of that CEO Group… does that match what you had?”

Um, no. …

It gets more depressing from there.


UO Alert: Faculty Club & Senate closed today, classes too.

Kudos to the OA’s and staff who have continued to work through all this. While closing the university is a semi-vacation for many of us, for them it is extra work and worry:

Due to inclement weather, the University of Oregon is closed Wednesday, February 27, 2019.

All events and classes are cancelled, including evening classes and events; all offices are closed.

Students who live on campus should use caution traveling through campus to residence halls and dining venues, and limit campus travel as much as possible.

Inclement weather details for employees are available online at:

Employees responsible for responding to inclement weather and related cleanup under the university’s closure policy are expected to report to work, provided they can do so safely. Employees in this category should contact their supervisors if they have concerns about safety related to traveling to campus. Those required to be on campus should use extreme caution outdoors and beware of downed trees or power lines, or other hazards. Avoid walking in and around campus if possible.

Check for more information and resources and please stay safe.

“No one should be charged. That would be nuts.” Prof Simmons

School is closed today.

2/25/2019 repost of the 2013 Duck Snowpocalypse:

Members of the Campus Community:

On Friday, a short video was posted to YouTube depicting an incident in which several individuals inappropriately interfered with two vehicles attempting to drive through a snowball fight on our campus.

The UO Police Department responded to the situation quickly, and in concert with the Office of the Dean of Students and other campus officials began an immediate investigation of the incident. We have identified several of the individuals involved as UO students and are determining appropriate disciplinary actions to be taken in accordance with the university’s established policies and protocols. In cases where those involved are student-athletes, additional disciplinary action is being carried out by the Athletics Department.

Over the weekend, the UO Police Department, Dean of Students Paul Shang, and Coach Mark Helfrich spoke with the motorists seen in the video, an emeritus faculty member and a current staff member. Dean Shang issued a public statement on Saturday that read, in part:

“The University of Oregon takes the conduct of its students seriously. Consequences are clear for those whose actions reflect poorly upon the university or violate its standards for student behavior. However, until the facts of the snowball-throwing incident are sorted out, it would be premature to speculate about any potential outcomes in this case.”

Dean Shang’s full statement, as well as other statements regarding the university’s response to this incident, will be posted on the UO Communications website as they become available.

As president, I assure you that the University of Oregon will not stand for behavior that threatens the safety of our campus or violates our code of conduct. This unacceptable incident is not being taken lightly, and we continue to take swift, appropriate action to address the matter.


Michael Gottfredson, President

The ODE editorial page on the snowball fight and the administration’s reaction to it: Shame and embarrassment. Meanwhile the video has now reached 2M youtube downloads, and more than 400 comments. As President Gottfredson told the faculty Senate on Wednesday, you just can’t buy the kind of publicity that the Duck athletics program brings to UO.

The administration has cancelled all 8AM Monday exams. Official panic alert here.

  • Wondering what to do about conflicts with rescheduled times (which were not posted as of 7:40PM)? UO Policy is that the prof of the larger class has to deal with it – page to bottom here. But that policy is now replaced with this recommendation, from

    “If your rescheduled exam time is in conflict with another exam already scheduled, it is recommended that you attend the exam that was not moved and contact the faculty member of the rescheduled exam and ask to schedule the exam for another time. Faculty members whose exams have been rescheduled have been asked to be flexible when conflicts arise.‬”

  • Didn’t get an email and wondering where and when your exam now is? If your frostbitten gangrenous fingers can still use a trackpad, go to duckweb, faculty menu, class schedule information, select a term, then Fall 2013, then your course, then look at the very bottom for the new time and place.

Update: Julliane Parker has the interview in the ODE with Professor Simmons, who is a total mensch about the entire incident, and does the UO faculty and his profession proud:

“I have confidence that the reaction of the university given what has happened will be proportional,” Simmons said. “It will consider these young people and their futures and will also, I hope, suggest to them that they need to rethink behavior like that.” …

 “People were cheering when snow was thrown into my car,” Simmons said. “I don’t think people do that except under some sort of psychological mechanism that comes with people feeling they have permission because other people are doing it, and to act in a way they maybe wouldn’t act individually.”

Duck football Snowpocalypse. My guess is this all started when some Duck Strategic Communications sub-director flack decided to exploit the snow for PR, by unleashing the football players from their indentured servitude in the new $140M “Hatfield-Downing Football Operations Center” for a few moments of fun. Or was it just coincidence that the cameras were rolling, and it was heavily hyped in the national press?

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 11.41.36 PM

Before long, the Duck athletes were using their twitter feeds – apparently closely monitored by their athletics overseers – to challenge regular UO students to a fun snowball fight. Just the sort of camaraderie that might reestablish some connection between UO athletics and the students who subsidize the salaries of Matt Helfrich and Rob Mullens? I’ve heard worse PR ideas – like “we are the University of Nike” – but this one went bad even more quickly:

Now UO’s Dean of Students Paul Shang, has had to issue an apology:

Paul Shang, University of Oregon dean of students, issued the following statement regarding a Dec. 6 incident on campus:

The University of Oregon Police Department is investigating an incident, captured on video, in which a passing vehicle was the target of snowballs thrown by young people in an area on the UO campus. Police hope to determine the identities of those who were throwing snowballs, whether they are UO students and whether their actions constitute a criminal act.

A criminal act? Sure, though what kid hasn’t done worse? The professor seems to handle it exactly right, considering the provocation and intimidation. He gets out of his car, and tries to get them to talk. Presumably so he can explain to them what it means to be a bully and a jerk. And the Oregonian is now reporting it was Art History Professor Sherwin Simmons:

“It was a snowball fight,” Simmons, who does not plan to press charges, told Canzano. “The students shouldn’t involve people who aren’t part of it, but this is not high crimes, not an assault, not even a misdemeanor. No one should be charged. That would be nuts.”

UO email alert, December 2013:

Crews are working diligently to reopen campus for regular operations on Monday morning; please check the UO Alerts blog for updates.

Due to extreme cold conditions forecast for the next 24 to 48 hours, students and others are urged to dress appropriately and limit their exposure to the cold. Frost bite can occur in less than 30 minutes, and hypothermia can lead to disorientation and death.

But show up for that Monday 8AM final! Update: Don’t show up – the administration has cancelled all 8AM Monday exams. Official panic alert here.

As French resistance fighter and mountaineer Maurice Herzog wrote on his return from the first ascent of Annapurna in June 1950, where he lost his fingers and toes to frostbite, “There are other Annapurnas in the lives of men”:

NCAA rep Tim Gleason to speak to Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Committee

“Softball”. No kidding:

IAAC Agenda
Monday, February 25 | 2:30 PM
Johnson Hall Conference Room

Update on NCAA legislation (Tim Gleason)

Softball (Tim Gleason)

Student athlete health and wellness philosophy, sexual health/assault, healthy relationships, transitions to/from college, etc (Katie Harper)

Kelli Matthews

University asks faculty not to ask questions about HR candidates

Parker Executive Search is probably charging UO $125K or so to run this search. They have a mixed record. For example, from USA Today:

Rutgers’ hiring process for new athletics director Julie Hermann was further scrutinized Wednesday as new details of the selection process emerged.

Rutgers paid $70,000 [to Parker Executive Search] for the background check that failed to uncover the accusations of verbal and emotional abuse from former volleyball players against Hermann, an Asbury Park Press investigation found. Meanwhile, a member of the 26-person selection committee criticized the interview process shortly after co-chairs Richard Edwards and Kate Sweeney emailed support for the appointment to committee members.

Hermann was soon fired, at a cost to Rutgers of $1,658,455.15. From what I can tell they never even got their $70K back from Parker.

So here’s my advice – ignore this no questions policy:

Dear Senators – please see the announcement below from the administration about CHRO interviews. Because the search committee only had one faculty member, plus one OA & SEIU member, this will be one of the few opportunities for input from Senate constituents.

I notice that this announcement states

“Please be reminded that, although we are at a more public stage of the recruitment process, we are asking community members to refrain from reaching out to friends or colleagues who may know of or work with the finalists, either to share or request information regarding their candidacies.”

This ask is a new one to me for an administrative hire, and I suggest you ignore it and reach out to colleagues you might know at these candidates prior institutions. Such information has been very useful in the past, and often brings up issues that search firms have missed or ignored.

Thanks, Bill Harbaugh UO Senate Pres

Email from the administration:

Dear Senators:

As you may be aware, there are five candidates for the chief human resources officer (CHRO) position who have been invited to campus for interviews beginning this Friday. Each candidate will spend one very full day interacting with a variety of UO stakeholders.

Faculty member engagement and input is a crucial part of the recruitment for this key campus leadership position. Below are the sessions that have been designated for meeting with faculty. If you can attend one or all of these sessions, please join us.




Candidate A*

Friday, Feb 22


Johnson Hall Conference Room

(Room 105)

Candidate B*

Monday, Feb 25


Susan Campbell Hall, Leona Tyler Conference Room

(Room 111A)

Candidate C*

Tuesday, Feb 26


Susan Campbell Hall, Leona Tyler Conference Room

(Room 111A)

Candidate D*

Thursday, Feb 28


Susan Campbell Hall, Leona Tyler Conference Room

(Room 111A)

Candidate E*

Friday, Mar 1


Friendly Hall, CAS Deans Conference Room

(Room 109)

*48 hours before each candidate’s visit, their name, résumé, and a feedback survey will be posted online:

Please be reminded that, although we are at a more public stage of the recruitment process, we are asking community members to refrain from reaching out to friends or colleagues who may know of or work with the finalists, either to share or request information regarding their candidacies. We will conduct a formal referencing process in consultation with Parker Executive Search, a firm hired by UO.

Thank you for your participation in the recruitment process for our next CHRO.

Women’s basketball wins games, loses $3M. Men’s basketball loses games, makes $2M

Presumably Dana Altman’s metrics will be less positive this year, and Kelly Graves’s less negative. Before depreciation, from the “NCAA Agreed Upon Procedures Report for the year ended June 30, 2018 “, here.

These numbers show AD Rob Mullens running an operating profit of $2.7M last year, but they don’t include ~$5M in annual costs that the Ducks have foisted off on the academic side over the years, as explained in this post from 2017:

ODE reporter Kenny Jacoby is back from a summer internship at NBC TV in San Diego, and he’s wasting no time getting to work. Today the Emerald has the most comprehensive accounting I’ve seen yet of the ~$5M a year in subsidies that UO’s academic side pays to Rob Mullens and the Ducks:

It’s the beginning of another school year, which means another round of tuition hikes for UO students. The damage this year is a 6.6 percent increase for in-state students (about $810 per year) and a 3 percent increase for out-of-state (about $945). It was nearly 10.6 percent for in-state students, but a last-minute influx of state support helped mitigate the increase. Tuition has gone up for the fourth straight year and roughly doubled in the past decade.

The Oregon athletic department, meanwhile, continues to thrive. According to its projected 2018 budget, it expects to make $113 million in revenue, up from $110 million last year and $40 million a decade ago. Each year, however, it spends every dollar it brings in. It recently paid to buy former football coach Mark Helfrich and his coaching staff out of their contracts and hire Willie Taggart and 12 new assistant and strength coaches.

Of the $113 million in revenue in 2018, about $5 million will come directly out of UO students’ pockets. Students, through tuition and fees, foot the bill for tutoring and advising services for student-athletes, President Michael Schill’s luxury seats at Autzen Stadium and Matthew Knight Arena, student tickets to football and basketball games and debt service on the basketball arena and parking garage.

Over the summer, the Emerald asked Schill whether he would consider pulling any money from the athletic department budget to mitigate a tuition increase for students. The answer was a resounding no. He said athletics is going through its own budget issues, and that he is “comfortable” with the the current level of subsidy.

Some big ticket subsidies from Jacoby’s story:

Jaqua Academic Center – $2 million

UO students pay roughly $2 million per year on tutoring and advising services available exclusively to UO’s approximately 450 student-athletes, financial transparency reports show. By comparison, UO spends about the same amount each year on the Teaching and Learning Center in the fourth of the library or basement of PLC, which offers free group tutoring services and paid one-on-one sessions to 20,000 undergraduates.

Matthew Knight Arena – $502,000

The most expensive on-campus basketball arena in the U.S. costs UO students roughly $502,000 a year in debt service, plus the cost of using the arena for school events. A decade ago, when Knight pledged $100 million to build the $227 million arena, the athletic department scrambled to find funds to buy the land on which to build it, which at the time was owned by a bakery plant. So in 2009, then-athletic director Pat Kilkenny made a deal with then-President Dave Frohnmayer that ultimately left UO students paying roughly a quarter of of the $1.8-million-a-year land debt payment. …

In addition to land debt service, UO students also pay money to use Matthew Knight Arena. Financial records obtained by the Emerald show UO has paid athletics more than $230,000 in the past three years on expenses on 27 school events at Matthew Knight Arena, including rent, audio/video technology, janitors, ushers and changeover (changing the venue from a basketball facility to accommodate different types of events). Using Matthew Knight Arena for Ta-Nehisi Coates’ lecture in February, for example, cost UO nearly $40,000 — not including the $41,000 in donor money it paid to Coates.

Student Tickets – $1.7 million

UO students pay athletics nearly $1.7 million a year in student fees for tickets to UO sporting events.

President Schill’s Luxury Seats – $412,000

As part of the 2009 agreement between Frohnmayer and Kilkenny, UO agreed to pay the athletic department $375,000 a year for use of the presidential suite, 80 club level season tickets, eight reserved season tickets and 11 parking spaces at Autzen Stadium. UO also agreed to pay for 20 men’s basketball season tickets and four garage parking passes at Matthew Knight Arena, which amounted to $32,456 last year. The seats are used “for donor engagement and fundraising activities,” according to athletic department spokesman Craig Pintens.

Parking Garage and Parking Revenue – $625,000

Also part of the 2009 agreement, UO agreed to finance a portion of the debt service on the underground parking garage at Matthew Knight Arena and allow athletics to keep the parking revenue generated during games, as well as outside events managed by athletics, such as concerts. This amounts to $521,000 a year for debt service and between $250,000 and $270,000 in lost revenue — minus roughly $150,000 that the athletic department pays the City of Eugene for parking enforcement — during Matthew Knight Arena events.



Duck basketball player shows what college sports should be

Maggie Vanoni has the story in the Daily Emerald, an interlude from the steady stream of scandals from the Duck football and men’s basketball programs:

“Oti is the consummate student-athlete,” Graves said. “She’s a great teammate. You know, here’s a young lady that has kinda had a lesser role so-to-speak in terms of production and stuff, but she’s just as important to our team as anybody, and everybody on our team would say the same. I’m really glad she has stuck this out. I think it shows the character that she has, and I would trust her in any moment, regardless of time, score and magnitude of the game.”

Inspired by watching her daughter chase her basketball dreams, Roberson decided to go back to school and earn her bachelor’s degree in humanities at Eastern Washington University. She has watched her younger children develop the same goals because of Gildon.

An 0.4% increase in faculty, and an 11% increase in administrators

According to the Institutional Research website, the year before President Schill came to UO we had 2,066 faculty and 1,393 senior administrators and OA’s. As of this November, we have 2,075 faculty, and 1,546 senior administrators and OA’s:

That is an 0.4% increase in faculty and an 11% increase in administrators. The number of classified staff and GE’s has actually dropped slightly.

You can also break out the 0.4% faculty increase by rank:

TTF have increased from 735 to 807, or by 9.8%. NTTF regular from 846 to 906, or 7.1%. Adjunct/Visiting have decreased by 57%. So at least the change in the mix is toward more permanent faculty jobs.

You can drill down on the IR website to see where the administrative hiring has been. Apparently not all of it is for people to help me figure out Concur. E.g.:

UO currently has 57 job openings for administrators and OA’s on the careers website. Some of these are to replace people who have left since November, but many appear to be new positions:

Assistant Football Coach Eugene, OR Open until filled
Provides coaching assistance to the Head Coach during training and competitions for the University of Oregon’s football program.
Career & Academic Advisor Eugene, OR Open until filled
The School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC) is seeking a Career and Academic Advisor.
Graduate Recruiter Portland, OR Open until filled
Sports Product Management, located in Portland Oregon, is seeking a recruiter for their graduate programs.
Asst Dir Industry Engagement Portland, OR Open until filled
The Sports Product Management Program, located in Portland Oregon, is seeking an Assistant Director of Industry Relations.
Case Manager & Senior Staff Therapist/Psychologist Eugene, OR Open until filled
The University Counseling Center is seeking a Case Manager and Senior Staff Therapist/Psychologist to assist in referring students to community therapists, agencies, and other campus and community resources.
Executive Communications Specialist Eugene, OR Open until filled
Seeking an Executive Communications Specialist to assist in the research, writing, and development of a broad range of written, spoken and digital communication for university senior leadership.
Events and Communication Manager Eugene, OR Open until filled
The School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC) is seeking an Events and Communication Manager to manage signature events, partner on communication projects, and serve as the point person for SOJC social media.
Executive Assistant to the Dean of Libraries Eugene, OR Open until filled
Support the work of the Dean of the UO Libraries by providing executive-level administrative support to the Dean and Associate Deans, participating as a member of the Administrative Team, and serving as liaison between the Libraries and a wide range of individuals and organizations to advance the goals of the department.
Assistant/Associate Director of Admissions Eugene, OR Open until filled
Seeking an Assistant or Associate Director in Admissions in the School of Law.
Financial Analyst Eugene, OR Open until filled
Budget and Resource Planning (BRP) seeks a Financial Analysts to join a team that provides financial and analytical support for the operational aspects of the University’s annual budget and planning activities.
Associate Auditor Eugene, OR Open until filled
The Associate Auditor conducts audits, investigations, and consulting engagements for the University of Oregon in accordance with policies, procedures, and accepted auditing standards.
Executive Director of Sponsored Project Services Eugene, OR Open until filled
Responsible for building and leading a high functioning, service-oriented unit that supports Principal Investigator (PI) engagement in sponsored projects while ensuring institutional compliance with federal, state, and university policies.
Executive Director, University Career Center Eugene, OR Open until filled
The UO invites applications and nominations for the position of Executive Director of the University Career Center.
Associate Registrar for Operations Eugene, OR Open until filled
The Office of the Registrar is seeking an Associate Registrar for Operations to provide leadership, serve as primary liaison to university administrative and academic departments, and direct day-to-day office operations.
Creative Director for Track and Field Eugene, OR Open until filled
Responsible for coordinating, creating, implementing and maintaining graphic elements and video production through numerous social media platforms required for track and field recruiting.
ELR Operations Manager Eugene, OR Open until filled
The Office of Human Resources is seeking a professional who will be responsible for the coordination and collaborative support of a highly responsive ELR team in serving the strategic goals of the University.
Department Manager Eugene, OR Open until filled
The Department of Psychology is seeking a full-time Department Manager to provide leadership and management support for the department’s academic and faculty programs.
Senior Director of Development, East Coast Major Gifts Eugene, OR, Other-Site Open until filled
Join the high-performing University of Oregon fundraising team as our representative to the New York area. We are looking for an experienced development professional to connect with donors, volunteers, and alumni.
Program Manager, Portland Alumni Engagement Portland, OR Open until filled
In concert with the Director of Regional Engagement and university colleagues, assist with the development, planning, and management of engagement opportunities for university constituents in Portland.
Assistant Director of Development, School of Law Eugene, OR Open until filled
Join the fundraising team at the second-highest-ranked law school in the Pacific Northwest. We seek an experienced development professional who is eager to connect with donors, volunteers, and alumni.
Director, Office of Communications Eugene, OR Open until filled
Leads the development of a comprehensive communications strategy dedicated to establishing a clear voice, reputation, and brand for the College of Design. The Director is responsible for all aspects of strategic communication both internally and externally.
Investigator Eugene, OR Open until filled
The Office of Investigations & Civil Rights Compliance is seeking an Investigator who plays a critical role in the University’s response to reported incidents of prohibited discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.
Community Director Eugene, OR Open until filled
University Housing’s Residence Life Department is accepting applications for Community Director positions for Academic Year 2019-20.
Recruiter and First-Year Admissions Coordinator Eugene, OR Open until filled
The Undergraduate Programs Office at the Lundquist College of Business is seeking a Recruiter and First-Year Admissions Coordinator.
Director of Development, College of Education Eugene, OR Open until filled
Join the fundraising team at one of the top ranked Colleges of Education in the country. We are looking for an experienced development professional to connect with donors, volunteers, and alumni.
Program Manager, Named Faculty and Scholarship Stewardship Eugene, OR Open until filled
The Office of Stewardship and Donor Services is seeking a Program Manager to implement and manage various stewardship programs designed to foster and nurture long-term, meaningful relationships between the university and its donors.
Assistant Director of Donor Relations Eugene, OR Open until filled
The School of Journalism and Communication is seeking an Assistant Director for Donor Relations to manage a variety of complex stewardship matters, directly contact donors, and work with the SOJC Development Officers on donor strategy.
Coordinator for Orientation Programs Eugene, OR Open until filled
The essential function of the Coordinator for Orientation Programs is to manage student staff for orientation. The position supports the operations of domestic undergraduate orientation and contributes to student development by executing a strong university program.
Director of Classification and Compensation Eugene, OR Open until filled
The Office of Human Resources is seeking a key member of the HR leadership team who will provide overall leadership for the classification and compensation portfolio.
HDC Facility & Operations Manager Eugene, OR Open until filled
The Hatfield-Dowlin Complex (HDC) Facility & Operations Manager coordinates and manages all aspects of the building including mechanical and electrical systems, as well as the operations and maintenance of the building.
Director of Public Affairs and Issues Management Eugene, OR Open until filled
The University of Oregon is seeking a Director to serve as the primary spokesperson for the university and work with the Vice President and other members of the University Communications leadership team to counsel university leaders on public relations and media activities.
Instructional Technologist Eugene, OR Open until filled
As a member of the CMET team, this position provides course design, technical assistance, advice, information, direction, recommendations, and training to faculty and Graduate employees on the development of curricula and course materials.
Digital Communications and Production Manager Eugene, OR Open until filled
Strategic Communications is seeking a creative and collaborative individual with outstanding project management skills to serve as the Digital Communications and Production Manager.
Media Services Manager Eugene, OR Open until filled
As a member of the CMET management team, the position provides leadership in budget development, project management, new technology assessment, and team building.
Business Operations Manager, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management Eugene, OR Open until filled
The College of Design at the University of Oregon is seeking a dynamic professional to join us as a Business Operations Manager for the School of Planning, Public Policy and Management.
Interim Recruitment/Classification and Compensation Specialist Eugene, OR Open until filled
Human Resources is seeking to fill four (4) interim positions in our Talent Acquisition team.
Senior Human Resources Generalist Eugene, OR Open until filled
Successful candidates will possess a range of Human Resource experience and will demonstrate competencies in the areas of recruitment, onboarding, retention, termination, and employee and labor relations.
Communications Specialist, Office of the Provost Eugene, OR Open until filled
University Communications is seeking a Communications Specialist to support the Office of the Provost (OtP) by coordinating, organizing and executing communications projects for OtP and developing strategic messaging.
Enterprise IT Project Manager Eugene, OR Open until filled
This position plans, implements, and monitors complex, technical, enterprise-wide IT projects and initiatives for Information Services.
Director of Holden Center for Leadership & Community Engagement Eugene, OR Open until filled
Reporting to the Associate Dean of Students for Leadership & Engagement, the Director provides strategic direction and vision for the Holden Center, and oversees the administration of co-curricular leadership programs, experiences and services that will assist UO students in becoming the leaders of tomorrow.
Asst/Assoc Director for Career Planning & Professional Development Eugene, OR Open until filled
Seeking an Assistant or Associate Director in the Center for Career Planning and Professional Development in the School of Law.
Sign Language Interpreting and Transcription Coordinator Eugene, OR Open until filled
The Accessible Education Center seeks a dynamic and creative professional to join a team dedicated to facilitating access and full inclusion of people with disabilities
Staff Sign Language Interpreter Eugene, OR Open until filled
The Accessible Education Center seeks a skilled interpreter to join a team dedicated to facilitating access and inclusion of people with disabilities.
Research Development Officer Eugene, OR Open until filled
The Research Development Officer will support faculty in identifying and applying for both internal and external research funding, as well as coordinate projects to expand the overall research enterprise at UO.
Program Manager for Events and Operations Eugene, OR Open until filled
Develop and manage relationships with campus and community constituents to achieve revenue-generating goals of the Ford Alumni Center.
ITSM Program Manager Eugene, OR Open until filled
Information Services (IS) is seeking a full-time ITSM Program Manager, responsible for creating and maintaining standard processes and documentation as a way to facilitate repeatable and reliable service activities across IS.
CHRO & Assoc Vice President Eugene, OR Open until filled
The UO invites applications and nominations for the position of Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and Associate Vice President.
Sr Affirmative Action Specialist Eugene, OR Open until filled
The Office of Human Resources seeks a Senior Affirmative Action Specialist who will serve in a leadership role ensuring institutional compliance with applicable affirmative action and equal opportunity obligations.
LL.M. Program Director Eugene, OR Open until filled
Lead the law school’s LL.M degree program through effective communications and publicity, budget management, student recruiting, admissions, program events, student support, career planning, and program development.
Sergeant (PDX) Portland, OR Open until filled
We are looking for an experienced Police Sergeant to work for our Portland, OR location.
Many Nations Longhouse Steward Eugene, OR Open until filled
Through partnerships and relationships with other campus partners and the greater Native American community, the Steward is responsible for scheduling, providing event support, and overseeing general maintenance in accordance to building codes.
Research Systems and Applications Administrator Eugene, OR Open until filled
Research Advanced Computing Services (RACS) is seeking a Research Systems and Applications Administrator to support high performance computing for UO faculty, students, and external customers.
McNair Program Director Eugene, OR Open until filled
The Division of Undergraduate Studies is searching for a Director of the TRiO McNair Program to oversee the coordination and delivery of services preparing underrepresented and first generation undergraduate students for graduate school.
Assistant Director for Program Management Eugene, OR Open until filled
The Office of International Affairs seeks qualified applicants for the position of Assistant Director-Program Management for GEO, a position responsible for daily operations and program development.
University Physician – Primary Care Eugene, OR Open until filled
Evaluates, diagnoses, treats, and/or prescribes health care and treatment for University of Oregon students independently or in conjunction with other University Health Center physicians.
Clinician Relief – Open Pool Eugene, OR Open until filled
The University Health Center periodically hires primary care physicians, psychiatrists, dentists and dietitians to provide occasional relief outpatient care to students at the University of Oregon.
Athletic Trainer Relief – Open Pool Eugene, OR Open until filled
The University Health Center periodically hires athletic trainers to provide occasional relief outpatient care to students at the University of Oregon.

AG supports legislation to put Univ Foundation under public records law

Of course I’m not talking about Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum. This comes from New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas. The Albuquerque Journal has the story here:

SANTA FE – Attorney General Hector Balderas is asking state lawmakers to adopt legislation making it clear that the University of New Mexico Foundation and similar groups must operate in public and release public records upon request. …

Read it all, the legislation derives from the AG’s investigation of a sports scandal involving the UNM Foundation, first exposed by blogger Daniel Libit.