Developer to unveil plans for redevelopment of fabulous Romania Showroom & parking lot

4/2/1019 update: 

Some good news from Around the O, for once:

Members of the campus and community can learn more about the University of Oregon’s proposed redevelopment of the former Joe Romania car dealership on Franklin Boulevard at an open house at 4 p.m. April 5.

1/8/2019 update: UO cutting deal to save historic showroom, and make some money

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UO has enough land for 9,000 more students

That’s the conclusion from outside campus planning consultant Robert Sabbatini, as reported by Diane Dietz in the RG here. It looks like we could squeeze in another 1,000 or so if Collier House, that ugly firetrap between Johnson Hall and the EMU, would just happen to catch fire on some reasonably dry night. The UO BOT Facilities and Finance Committee will discuss the report this Thursday at 9AM in the Ford Alumni Giustina Ballroom and they have posted it here, but as almost completely illegible black and white pdfs:

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 8.05.03 PM

Does anyone know where a readable copy is?