Faculty Club to host President Schill, tonight at 5PM

Dear Colleagues,

The Faculty Club will be meeting this week, during the usual hours (Wednesdays and Thursdays 5:00-8:00 pm).  We’ll close during Exam Week and Spring Break, and then open again in Week One of the Spring Term.

The Senate-sponsored “Talk to Your Dean Night” series continues this week with a double-header and a presidential appearance.  Yes, that’s right.  Wednesday we’ll have Dean Juan-Carlos Molleda of the School of Journalism as well as Dean Christoph Lindner from the College of Design.  Both deans will be available to chat informally about whatever’s on your mind.  Rumors that the two will settle, in an arm-wrestling match, the age-old question of which school is more “awesome,” are likely false.   Lindner will, however, be offering the Six-o-Clock Toast.

Thursday Michael Schill will be on hand, taking the “Talk to Your Dean Night” series to a presidential level.  With his decidedly non-Caesarian tendencies, our president has little reason to “beware the Ides of March.”  We will, however, be marking the anniversary of Caesar’s death with a Six-o-Clock Toast from Mary Jaeger, Professor of Classics and avowed partisan of the Julio-Claudian dynasty.

Hope to see you either night, or both nights.

Yours, James Harper
Chair of the Faculty Club Board

Faculty Club to host CoE Dean Randy Kamphaus, this Wed 5PM

Dear Colleagues,

The Faculty Club will be meeting this week, during the usual hours (Wednesdays and Thursdays 5:00-8:00 pm).

On Wednesday we continue with our Senate-sponsored “Talk to Your Dean Night” series, with Dean Randy Kamphaus of the College of Education making himself available to chat about whatever’s on your mind.  The Six-o-Clock toast should be quite “educational.”

Thursday is Mad Libs Night at the Faculty Club — the Six-o-Clock toast is missing some key nouns, verbs, adverbs, and exclamations.  We will discreetly approach attendees, solicit words from them, and then read the resulting text at six.   Mad Libs will, of course, never be as funny as it was when we were ten, but I know we can count on the academic set to nominate some piquant words!

Hope to see you either night, or both nights.

Yours, James Harper
Chair of the Faculty Club Board

Today at 3PM: Senate on Honors College restart, romantic relationships, multicultural


Location: EMU 145 & 146 (Crater Lake Rooms)
3:00 – 5:00 P.M.

3:00 P.M.   Call to Order

  • Introductory Remarks; Senate President Chris Sinclair
  • Update from Johnson Hall

3:20 P.M. Approval of Minutes, February 14, 2018 & Consent Calendar

3:25 P.M.   Business

  • Clark Honors College; Karen Ford, Divisional Dean for CAS Humanities
  • Discussion: Romantic Relationships; Sonja Boos
  • Motion Intro: Learning Outcomes; Chris Sinclair
  • Multicultual Requirement; Lee Rumbarger, Alison Gash, Avinnash Tiwari and Michael Hames-Garcia

4:50 P.M.   Open Discussion
4:50 P.M.   Reports
4:50 P.M.   Notice(s) of Motion

  • Department Honors

4:50 P.M.   Other Business
5:00 P.M.   Adjourn

And, after adjourning:

Faculty club provides opportunity to buttonhole Banavar, Blonigen, Scher

Last week’s Faculty club sessions with Sarah Nutter (Bus Dean) and Andrew Marcus (CAS Dean) were as close to capacity as I’ve seen the faculty club, although Hal Sadofsky (CAS-Science) blew it off to go skiing – which in my metrics counts as an excused absence.

This Wed we have Jayanth Banavar (Provost), followed Th by Bruce Blonigen (CAS), and Phil Scher (CAS):

Dear Colleagues,

The Faculty Club will be meeting this week, during the usual hours (Wednesdays and Thursdays 5:00-8:00 pm).

On Wednesday the tone will be more literary than ever, as the English Department will be gathering at the corner tables.  Also this week the UO Senate-sponsored “Talk to Your Dean Night” series continues, with key university leaders making themselves available to discuss any and all topics over drinks & hors-d’oeuvres.  Jayanth Banavar (Provost) will be holding forth on Wednesday, and Bruce Blonigen (Dean of Faculty for CAS) will be hosting on Thursday—come chat them up and see what “makes them tick.”

Hope to see you either night, or both nights!

Yours, James Harper
Chair of the Faculty Club Board


WHO: The UO Faculty Club is open to all UO statutory faculty—tenure-track faculty, career non-tenure-track faculty, and OAs tenured in an academic department, as well as people retired from positions in these categories.  Eligible people may bring anyone they like as guests.

WHAT: Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and coffee; cash bar with beer, wine, liquor and non-alcoholic beverages.

WHERE: The Faculty Club meets in a designated room on the ground floor of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.  Enter at the museum’s main entrance and turn right; the club room is right off the lobby.

WHEN: Wednesdays 5:00-8:00 pm; Thursdays 5:00-8:00 pm, from through the end of the Winter Term.

CAS Deans Marcus, Sadofsky & Blonigen invite you to the Faculty Club

Also LCB Dean Sarah Nutter will be there on Wed night.

What a great idea:

To:                         CAS Faculty

From:                    Andrew Marcus

Re:                         CAS nights at the Faculty Club: Thursday, February 22 & Thursday, March 1

The CAS Deans will be joining the Faculty Club on two upcoming nights for conversation and socializing:

Thursday, February 22nd from 5:00 – 6:30 pm: Andrew Marcus and Hal Sadofsky

Thursday, March 1st from 5:00 – 6:30 pm: Bruce Blonigen

The Faculty Club operates weekly in the Marché space at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. I hope you will be able to drop by and visit with us.

This CAS night at the Faculty Club is a joint effort between the University Senate and the CAS Dean’s Office. Chris Sinclair and Bill Harbaugh (Senate President and Vice President) are looking for ways to encourage more faculty to run or volunteer for positions on the Senate or any of the Senate’s 30+ committees. Bruce and I are always interested in talking with you about college matters, and we also want our faculty to seek out ways to provide service to the university. Our hope is that this forum will allow you to do both in a relaxed and informal setting.

The University Senate is scheduling similar events this term for as many of the colleges and schools as possible as it prepares for elections and the selection of committees that will occur during Spring Term. In addition, the Senate has arranged for Provost Jayanth Banavar to be the featured guest at a Faculty Club drop-in event on Wednesday, February 28th and for President Mike Schill to appear on Thursday, March 15th. You are certainly invited to attend on those nights as well.

We hope to see you on an upcoming Thursday.


W. Andrew Marcus, Tykeson Dean for Arts and Sciences, cas.uoregon.edu

UO Faculty Club still has 100 free tickets for Donald Trump event

The chair of the UO Faculty Club’s Refreshments and Entertainments Committee has asked me to post this message:

Dear UO Faculty Club Members:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will be speaking at the Lane County Fairgrounds on Friday. His campaign organization has sent the Faculty Club 100 free tickets for this important event. I think it’s a shame that no one has yet taken me up on these free tickets, despite my repeated emails.

Good faculty turnout might give us some much needed goodwill should Mr. Trump be elected and then appoint Dr. Ben Carson as Secretary of Education, as is the conditional expectation.

UO Board of Trustees Chair Chuck Lillis gave $5,000 to Carson after Carson went on Meet the Press to argue that the Department of Education should encourage students to report professors with extreme political biases for investigation. The video is on youtube here.

I know some of you are not entirely enthusiastic about Trump or Carson, or for that matter Lillis, but zero faculty turnout is just going to give them another story to use about how tenured deadwood extremist liberal professors won’t listen to mainstream political views. This is not going to help UO’s brand.

And yes, I did ask, and I’ve been promised that Trump’s pitch for those Florida time-share condos will be brief. So please email the club’s Refreshments and Entertainments staff at UOFacultyClub@gmail.com if you are interested in attending.


AAU, Bean, Espy rumors

The latest rumors, from the faculty club hookah room:

UO is now on an unofficial AAU watch list for underperformance – not enough federal grants or grad students. Johnson Hall is going to try and hang our expulsion on the faculty, or the union, or the weather, but we all know where Frohnmayer and Bean spent our research money – athletics and a pack of stupid pet projects.

The faculty are no longer wondering about Bean’s wisdom in hiring a VP for Research from Nebraska, the most recent university to be dropped by the AAU. Instead people are openly calling this the last mistake Gottfredson should ever let Bean make. After some high profile science departures and botched searches, Bean has a classic Dilbert response: he’s hired an “executive coach” to teach Espy (whom we pay $295,000) how to do her job.

I’d make a public records request for that contract, but what’s the point? Everyone knows the score, we just don’t understand why Gottfredson is leaving these two in the game. Tublitz’s Senate motion on Interim Provost Bean is Jan 16th. Should be a fun debate – and yes Jim, the video will be on youtube. 12/11/12.

And a commenter points us to this RFP that UO put out 2 weeks ago, for a consulting firm to do what Espy and her new hires are supposed to do. In FY 2011 the VPR’s Office Admin budget had $437,430 for admin salaries. For FY 2013, Espy’s got $1,111,007 to spend. Full report here. The consultants are on top of that. As a commenter notes:

Look at Acct code 20000 – Service and Supplies. That’s Espy’s black hole of consulting:
2011 $2,164,191
2012 $4,546,478
2013 $5,154,632

Speaking of administrative bloat, does anyone know what happened with that multi-million dollar Huron consulting contract? Is it worth me getting attacked by Dave Hubin and Jamie Moffitt for making too many public records requests? If so, you know what it takes for me to dull that pain.