Faculty sessions for CIO candidates

I’m not sure if these are “faculty only”. I doubt they’d kick out non-faculty though.

Chief Information Officer

Candidates for the vice provost and chief information officer will visit campus during the month of January. Information for each candidate will be posted in advance of their visit.

Candidate A: January 18-19 – Matthew Riley

Candidate B: January 23-24 – Jessie Minton

Candidate C: January 30-31

  • Faculty Session – January 31, 9:15 – 10:00 a.m., Ford Alumni Center 403

All candidate feedback surveys will close at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 3.

Questions may be directed to Sarah Allen, Committee Staff (caven@uoregon.edu).

Transform IT town hall meetings? First I heard of these.

Subject: deptcomp: Transform IT town hall meetings DATE CORRECTION

Date: October 4, 2016 at 8:24:15 AM PDT

To: Departmental Computing <deptcomp@lists.uoregon.edu>

In the message sent this morning, there is a day/date mismatch. The correct date for the December meeting is Friday, December 2.

Here is a revised list of those meeting dates: 

·         Monday, October 10: 1pm to 2pm, Knight Library Browsing Room

·         Friday, November 4: 11am to 12pm, Knight Library Browsing Room

·         Friday, December 2: 11am to 12pm, Knight Library Browsing Room

These meetings will be led by Chris Krabiel, interim CIO, and Adriene Lim, dean of libraries.

The dean of libraries and interim CIO will give a brief update on the process to date. They will also answer questions about the planned process going forward, this is the primary focus of the town hall-style meetings.

The first and second phases of the proposed process are outlined on the Provost’s website athttps://provost.uoregon.edu/content/transform-it. Harvey Blustain’s report is available for review athttps://provost.uoregon.edu/content/harvey-blustain.

The Transform IT Advisory Group and Transform IT Implementation Team will continue soliciting feedback from the university community on an ongoing basis. To submit questions, comments, or concerns, visit https://oregon.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_ahNd8geV4h0I5i5.

CIO Don Harris

Harris is one of the few UO VP’s to have ever undergone a performance review, I believe in 2010. It did not go well. Jim Bean kept him on anyway. Then in January, while Bean was on sabbatical, Lorraine Davis took the opportunity to fire Harris and run an open national search for a replacement. She did this successfully, hiring Melissa Woo from UW-Milwaukee, who starts in September. Meanwhile Harris has been given the usual JH sinecure, $206,484 plus benefits and no job responsibilities until his contract runs out Jan 31, 2013. Expensive, but my take is that if it hadn’t been for Davis taking over during Bean’s sabbatical we’d have been paying his salary forever. Letter and contract here. 8/15/2012.

Director-Administrative Services Public Safety

12/8/2010: Not sure this is a new job, but it looks like Frances Dyke is giving DPS a new administrator to keep track of all the money she is throwing at them. Presumably this will be paid for out of the $3 million that she just took back from the colleges. But who knows – Brad Shelton has stopped posting updates on his budget model website.

The other thing happening is that central administration is pushing a raft of new responsibilities down to the colleges. For example, CAS is now building its own computer support infrastructure – out of necessity. This used to be handled centrally. Does anyone think this means Don Harris’s IT group is getting a budget cut?