UC-Davis Chancellor and Campus Police flunk exam

11/20/2011: People have been sending me a lot of pictures and videos of the UC-Davis Campus Police assaulting the “Occupy” students with pepper spray. I don’t know the details so I’m not going to comment on what happened or whether or not Chancellor Katehi should go, though obviously the cop with the mace is a pig:

Apparently the UC-Davis campus police are now claiming they were surrounded and threatened. By 110 pound kids wearing hoodies, with iPhones. I know the feeling, that’s why I never lecture in Columbia 150 without a Tazer on my belt: (Photo borrowed without permission from Michael Ciaglo)

I will say that the fact UO and Eugene managed to avoid an ugly incident of this sort with the Occupy Eugene movement and their brief stay on campus is a credit to all the people involved: the city, the protestors, the people in Public Safety, and some nameless and effective university administrators.

I’m sure there’s some lesson in here about the wisdom or folly of having sworn police like UC-Davis rather than public safety officers, but I’m not sure what it is. If you think you do, or want to find out, get involved in the UO Police Oversight process. Their out of date website is here. The faculty and students they list as members have quit out of frustration or graduated. We are going to have a lot of sworn police on campus very soon, with riot gear and the same sort of training the UC-Davis police had. Regardless of how you feel about Prozanski and Dyke’s legislation, it’s now the law, and OUS is going to let Lariviere carry it through. What happens next time – and all the consequences – will be our problem.

Occupy Eugene to move in with Pernsteiner at Treetops Mansion

11/1/2011: Word down by the Duck Pond is that the Occupy Eugene folks are going to take Chancellor Pernsteiner up on his gracious offer to host the whole movement at his official state owned mansion, Treetops, at 2237 Spring Blvd. Dr. Pernsteiner is quoted in a flyer making the rounds:

“Not many of those of us in the elite 1% can say that they get every dime of it from taxpayers and student tuition money. And of course on top of that fat $280,900 salary I get a housing allowance to pay the mortgage at my other house in Portland, extra retirement money, $23,120 for professional expenses, travel money, and a car. Treetops has a lovely lawn, 3000 square feet of verandas, and 9000 square feet of living space. It’s the second largest house in the county. It’s almost too much – even for a man as important as I am – so I welcome these visitors. I do feel obligated to warn them that thanks to UO Matters and those vengeful bastards at the DOJ the university system has cut my maid service to every other week.”

Turn-by-turn walking directions here.

Occupy Eugene moves to Jaqua Center?

10/31/2011: Word is the city is not going to let them back into Alton Baker Park:

The Eugene City Council met at noon today to discuss the Occupy Eugene movement and voted to reinstate its camping ban within Alton Baker Park.  Meanwhile, Occupy Eugene supporters have been working to achieve consensus on a new location for the group’s campground.  The Occupy Eugene movement has been camping on university property along the Millrace since last Thursday.

So, the soft grassy spot just east of the Jock Box is looking better and better. The cafe inside has decent cappuccinos, there’s a nearby grocery store, and Hirons sells ponchos. Plus, there’s a convenient water feature for doing laundry, indoor bathrooms, and the gas fireplace is perfect for drying socks:

Occupy Eugene moves to UO Campus

The tents are already going up in the quad. The bongos are loud enough to drown out the jackhammers on PLC. Their website is here.

Oct. 27, 2011
Dear Colleagues

The University of Oregon has received word that leaders of the Occupy Eugene movement intend to relocate their encampment this afternoon from Alton Baker Park to the UO campus. …

Lorraine Davis
Acting Provost

Rumor down at the faculty club is that Occupy Eugene will soon move to the nicely landscaped area to the east of the Jock Box. Right off of Franklin, 30,000 cars a day, next to the Arena, excellent public visibility. The ground is soft enough for tent stakes, and Uncle Phil’s bathrooms are open to the public. Here’s one good route: