Dréos plays in Eugene this Friday, 7PM

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Dréos is a Celtic music ensemble of performing composers who invent and arrange new and old music using a traditional vocabulary. Following the October 2015 release of their debut recording, you’re invited to join with this exciting trio as they light up the dance music of Ireland and Scotland.

Dréos brings together the blazing piping of Eliot Grasso, virtuosic fiddling of Brandon Vance, and powerhouse accompaniment of Glen Waddell, for an evening of fiery dance music and soul-filling songs, new and old. Bring your dance shoes!

Location: New Hope Center Auditorium, 1790 Charnelton Street, Eugene, OR, 97401

Time: 7pm. $12 – Advance sales, $16 – Day of and at the door , $5 – Students (with ID)

The event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1651259745116893/

The page: www.dreosmusic.com

Anti-government militia seize strategic migratory bird refuge from feds

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The Oregonian’s Les Zaitz has a series of reports, here. The US Attorney’s statement is here. From what I can tell this started about 5 years ago when a rancher SE of Burns decided to clear out some sagebrush with a few unauthorized fires, including one that was apparently intended to cover up some deer poaching and scare off some witnesses. The 73-year-old rancher and his son were initially sentenced to a few months in jail, then later re-sentenced to 5 years after someone realized that was the federal mandatory minimum. They have agreed to report to prison later this month to finish their sentences.

But in protest, a well-armed anti-BLM militia group has now occupied the U.S. government’s most strategic facility in SE Oregon. That would be the headquarters of the Malheur National Bird Refuge, created in 1908 by noted conservationist, birder, and taxidermist Teddy Roosevelt, seen here riding through an overgrazed patch of sagebrush, looking for something to kill:

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Perhaps the militiamen’s target shouldn’t be a surprise, given that Roosevelt was responsible for locking away millions of acres of western land under federal control. Zaitz reports:

Ryan Bundy said there were no hostages, but the group is demanding that the Hammonds be released and the federal government relinquish control of the Malheur National Forest. He said many would be willing to fight — and die, if necessary — to defend what they see as constitutionally protected rights for states, counties and individuals to manage local lands.

And if that doesn’t work out, there’s always birdwatching. As the Audubon Society website notes:

In some years, the refuge has supported nearly 50 percent or more of the Pacific Flyway populations of Snow and Ross’s Geese, American Wigeon, and Tundra Swans. Thirty species of waterbirds – including regionally significant numbers of the American White Pelican, Great Egrets, and White-faced Ibis – nest and forage in the refuge. Malheur supports the highest numbers of breeding Greater Sandhill Cranes of any refuge in the western U.S. More than 25 shorebird species rest and refuel here, with migratory numbers qualifying the refuge as a regional Western Hemispheric Shorebird Reserve. The refuge supports at least 130 songbird species, many of which are identified as priority species by Partners in Flight, and includes the largest local population of Bobolinks in the western U.S.

The Chicago Tribune has more about this jaunty songster, here:

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In other birding news, Eugene’s Noah Strycker has broken the record for most bird species seen in one year: 6,042, or more than 1/2 of all known species. His website is here.

Public records reveal scandal over EUG’s Flying People payments

10/22/2015: The one time I try blogging about something that couldn’t possibly involve a public records scandal, it turns out it involves a public records scandal. Mark Baker has the report in the RG here.

10/19/2015: EUG Flying People to depart for LCC? Bob Keefer has the rumor in Eugene Art Talk, here. Sad if true. David Joyce’s photos have been the introduction to Eugene for many UO job candidates, including me. Apparently there have been some changes over the years:

Never mind that a few people have been removed. A child molester. And a former student of David Joyce’s at Lane Community College who’d borrowed some equipment that hadn’t been returned. Some minorities were added. A cop was stolen and never recovered.

Please tell us more about what’s going on with this latest Bob!

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My Dad and Yogi Berra

Both baseball catchers. Both recruited out of high school by Branch Rickey for the Cardinals. Both fought in WWII in the invasion of southern France. Both indifferent students. Dad came back from the war convinced that “Harbaugh, you are an ignorant man” so he applied to graduate school at Columbia, the day after the ticker-tape parade. The admissions chair decided on the spot that a Croix de Guerre outweighed an undistinguished undergraduate record. Yogi Berra did pretty well too.

The obituary of William Henry Harbaugh, 1920-2005, is here. The obituary of Yogi Berra, 1925-2015, is here.

Roseburg homme de sang-froid sauve Train à Grande Vitesse

Le Gardien de Registre a le rapport ici. Plus dans Paris Match:

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Ils s’appellent Alek Skarlatos et Spencer Stone. Ils se connaissent depuis l’enfance. Ils sont devenus aujourd’hui de véritables héros salués comme tels par le président des États-Unis, Barack Obama, et le chef d’État français, François Hollande. Les deux jeunes Américains ont évité ce qui aurait pu être un carnage, vendredi, dans le train Thalys reliant Amsterdam à Paris. Ils étaient accompagnés d’un de leur ami, Anthony Sadler. «On a entendu un coup de feu et du verre brisé,» a expliqué aux médias américains M. Skarlatos, 22 ans, membre de la garde nationale de l’état de l’Oregon, rentré il y a peu d’une mission en Afghanistan.

Pentagon policy is to not identify soldiers in incidents like this, out of concern for terrorist retaliation. These gentlemen don’t look like the types to worry much about that, and the people of Roseburg are well supplied with sufficient arms for a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State.

U of Chicago adjunct law professor accuses Chief Justice Roberts of bigotry, discrimination

7/5/2015: This Posner guy has a decent vitae, he’d probably have tenure if not for his obvious problem following the policy on civility and cyberbullying. No word on whether the law school is pursuing disciplinary action for his comments in Slate, here:

… I say that gratuitous interference in other people’s lives is bigotry.

… The chief justice criticizes the majority for “order[ing] the transformation of a social institution that has formed the basis of human society for millennia, for the Kalahari Bushmen and the Han Chinese, the Carthaginians and the Aztecs. Just who do we think we are?” We’re pretty sure we’re not any of the above. And most of us are not convinced that what’s good enough for the Bushmen, the Carthaginians, and the Aztecs should be good enough for us. Ah, the millennia! Ah, the wisdom of ages! How arrogant it would be to think we knew more than the Aztecs—we who don’t even know how to cut a person’s heart out of his chest while’s he still alive, a maneuver they were experts at.

… Prohibiting gay marriage is discrimination.

6/26/2015: Chief Justice Roberts calls the wrath of Han and Carthage down upon American people

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