UO building and classroom priorities?

I’m posting this as a place for people to comment on what they think are important priorities for UO campus buildings and what features should be prioritized in new classrooms. 8/22/2012.

A commenter notes that Academic Affairs has a committee and a website for reporting issues with specific classrooms: http://academicaffairs.uoregon.edu/committee-academic-infrastructure

UO needs a new Provost

Read Interim Provost Jim Bean’s 2010 op-ed in the Oregonian, defending the decision to spend $1.83 million a year of regular students’s tuition money on the athlete only Jacqua Center for Student Athletes – or as the NY Times calls it, the Jock Box. Then read about how Duck AD Rob Mullens was allowed to use all the earnings from a $5 million donation to UO to replace the tiny bit the athletic department was paying – nothing toward the academic side’s costs.

Then read today’s Register Guard story on the crunch in classroom space for regular UO students. I’m no economist, but the $1.83 million per year the students are paying the athletic department would have financed a $35,599,612.29 classroom building, with 30 year tax exempt bonds at 3.125%.

UO needs a new provost. 8/12/2012.

Update: In the comments, The Dog analyzes Chris Ramey’s statement in the article:

However, over the past two decades, spending on academic buildings and sports facilities — not counting housing and other student-focused buildings — has been roughly equal, according to Ramey’s analysis, although it doesn’t include the football operations center that’s under construction. 

I don’t see how Ramey’s math works here either – and even if it does, is it really OK that 50% of all new construction over the past 20 years has been for the jocks? Amazing. UO needs to tax contributions to the Ducks.

Increase your teaching evaluations

8/19/2010: Via Marginal Revolution:

Perceptions of a tattooed college instructor.

Wiseman DB.

Psychology Department, Brookdale Community College, 765 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, NJ 07738, USA. dwiseman@brookdalecc.edu


128 undergraduates’ perceptions of tattoos on a model described as a college instructor were assessed. They viewed one of four photographs of a tattooed or nontattooed female model. Students rated her on nine teaching-related characteristics. Analyses indicated that the presence of tattoos was associated with some positive changes in ratings: students’ motivation, being imaginative about assignments, and how likely students were to recommend her as an instructor.

PMID: 20712173 [PubMed – in process]

Ken De Bevoise

4/17/2010: Steve Duin of the Oregonian has a column about Poli-Sci firing instructor Ken De Bevoise. I’d honestly never heard of this guy until his students started a movement to reinstate him. From the interview with VP for Academic Affairs Russ Tomlin, it appears possible that UO will in fact do that:

“They framed their arguments,” Tomlin said, “in ways that require thoughtful engagement. Clearly, a review is ongoing. We heard the students, and the students are giving us pause to reconsider.”