we could have had grad student funding

but instead our administration is spending the tuition increase on the new UO Police force:

John Hawley, Director of Administrative Services in the Department of Public Safety (DPS), wishes to announce an interim appointment within the Administrative Services unit of DPS.  The Campus Policing Initiative has been passed by the State Legislature, and is under review by the Governor.  Long-term planning for DPS is dependent on the outcome of that initiative.  As a result, there is a need to provide critical ongoing administrative support at a time when there may be significant changes that will impact the department’s long-term staffing needs. 

Who is running this university? Lariviere? Dyke? Bean? Tripp? No one?

Alex Tomchak Scott of the OC asks if Lariviere lied to him in an interview a few month ago about new DPS hires – or was just in the dark. After 2 years as UO Pres, still believing what Frances Dyke and Doug Tripp tell you is being in the dark on Pluto.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of where the tuition hike is going — how about the equity increases?

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