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UO Foundation

The UO Foundation is a non-profit established to raise and manage money for UO. Non-profit status means it must report some information to the IRS. Here are copies of the UO Foundation’s IRS 990 forms. These explain assets, administrative salaries, and give some hints about how the Foundation spends money. The US Senate Finance committee under Grassley and Baucus has pushed revisions to IRS rules which will require considerably more complete documentation – these take effect next year.

The Foundation always runs out the clock on the allowable IRS extensions – this is a common strategy by non-profits to keep information private as long as possible. They have just released the form for the FY ending June 30, 2008. Data for the FY ending this June will likely not be available until nearly a year later – May 15 2010. Late and incomplete as they may be, these IRS are currently the best available public information on how the foundation spends the money it receives for UO.

UO Foundation IRS 990 forms are below. The 07-08 form is full of interesting info we haven’t yet figured out – like $million plus payments for “UO President’s Office”, whatever that means. Anyone got a clue?



  1. Anonymous 12/04/2009

    Would you point out where it says “UO President’s Office?” I can’t find this expenditure listed in the documents. Thanks!

  2. uomatters 12/08/2009

    Hi – this is on page 27, statement 6, at the bottom –


    I’m curious about why you are curious – please post more.

  3. Anonymous 12/08/2009

    Dog Barks

    Not sure what that line item means but it could contain some of the money used for the UO Presidential Scholarships (currently 8K per year to outstanding (on paper) students).

  4. Anonymous 12/11/2009

    Dog Is Pissed – (so maybe all the subsequent 4 letter words should be edited out)

    with respect to this e-mail memo below.

    Hello All,

    I just got back from a Enrollment Planning meeting where I discovered that there are a fair number of juniors and seniors yet to register. Looking on CASweb, I have discovered that there are a number of 300 & 400-level courses that are technically full, but that are not at room capacity. I am asking that each of you look at your enrollments and adjust your maximums where possible. I would appreciate if each of you could let me know what you are able to do and what might be possible (i.e., with a little more resources to hire a grader, etc.). Thanks for your help!

    Now I am not pissed at the Messenger, who also would claim he is no Economist in this forum

    but this is such bullshit. I didn’t sign on to teach at Sardine Can University where you just strap as many students as possible in fixed seats and spew at them. Christ. Our administration is so decoupled and gives-not-a-shit about academic quality in the classroom. Sure – let’s let in more students, get more tuition revenue, not increase instructional resources, cram as many as possible into uncomfortable classrooms and use 19th century teaching techniques. How the hell can one have an “interactive” classroom when there is no room for the students to even move? Their “update my facebook page during class” laptops will be touching one another.

    I think 50 UO administrators should be required to have a 6 hour budget meeting in say, Pacific 30, a particular gem of a classroom to see how they feel when being treated like a Sardine.

    Can the union fix this?

  5. Anonymous 12/12/2009

    well said dog
    I couldn’t agree more. The state of classroom learning is rapidly deteriorating and no one seems to care.

  6. Anonymous 12/12/2009

    Why would the union fix this over crowding? Isn’t the faculty in charge of curriculum? Why not add to that size of class. After all education is your business. The faculty should make a motion in the senate that the faculty determines the size of classes for optimum learning capability of students and success of each program. Dog, your email sounds like the administration trying to be top dog where the don’t belong. Hit them with your stick and put them in their place…through your faculty senate. Your administrators are shameful greedy people with intent not based in education but wealth… of their own.

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