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Crap-free UO homepage

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 7.32.15 PM

What if … UO had a homepage with useful links, instead of 160over90’s $5M per year branded crap-fest? Well now we do. Put suggestions in the comments and I’ll add them.

Forgot your keys again? UO Police non-emergency number: 541-346-2919

People, departments, maps, weather

News and Calendars:


  • Webmail
  • Canvas. To make your course active: Clink on Courses, then the course number, then click publish on the RHS. You’re done.
  • Duckweb – employee info.
  • IT tech support webpage, or call 541-346-4357. They are excellent.
  • UO Libraries
  • UO Archives “”the official repository of the University of Oregon historical records dating from 1872 to present”. Presidential Archives here.
  • UO Public Records log. (This used to be updated daily, it’s now strangely erratic.)


Student advising info:

UO address and phone number:

University of Oregon
1585 E 13th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97403


    • Thom Aquinas 01/01/2015

      Start? … long ago, hehe … ;-)

  1. TW 12/31/2014

    thank you so much!

  2. Leporello 01/03/2015

    What if you included a link to “Around the O”

    • uomatters Post author | 01/03/2015

      Just as soon as they link to me.

  3. Anonymous 01/05/2015

    This would be great if we didn’t need to recruit students!

  4. notagrinch 01/06/2015

    A short 2 day weather summary would be nice. I’m surprised that the new website doesn’t include this feature.

  5. Anonymous 01/06/2015

    Yeah, why would a public university have a website meant to attract students and donors? Crazy idea.

    • uomatters Post author | 01/06/2015

      Yeah, we could attract students and donors with a crap-filled webpage, or with better academics, outreach, and tuition discounts for top students. The former justifies more raises for Clevenger and Klinger and their ilk. And so that’s what we got.

  6. Dog 01/06/2015

    weather footer:

    past in the following

    Eugene Weather Forecast, OR (97405)

    /* Locations can be edited manually by updating ‘wx_locID’ below. Please also update */
    /* the location name and link in the above div (wx_module) to reflect any changes made. */
    var wx_locID = ‘97405’;

    var wx_targetDiv = ‘wx_module_5815′;

    var wx_config=’SZ=728×90*WX=FHW*LNK=SSNL*UNT=F*BGI=boat*MAP=null|null**TIER=0*PID=1358344061*MD5=bef374cbe1cbe3ea50f335afa1c1ae31’;


    • uomatters Post author | 01/06/2015

      Sorry Dog, but I’ve got my limits. The Eugene weather is just the sort of depressing factual information that would counteract all the hard work of UO’s strategic communicators.

      I cannot in good conscience post this link, and frankly I am shocked and appalled that you would propose it. I will however reconsider my decision as soon as the beneficial effects of global warming start to appear in the local data.

      And no, I’m not going to post the bad news about the Cascadia subduction zone either:

      “It’s just a matter of time before a mega-quake hits the region between Northern California and British Columbia, where it is expected to kill more than 10,000 people and cause $32 billion in damages”

  7. Samkin Ptsyeri 01/08/2015

    Why are you mad about weather?

    Go to not the link above. No ads on the site, backed by National Weather Service and updated every minute. Time lapse videos and lots of useful charts and graphs.

    I don’t understand why you are against a free service reporting about the environment that we all live in and share.

    • uomatters Post author | 01/08/2015

      OK, OK. My readers don’t get out much, but since you insist, link added. Nicely formatted site, BTW.

  8. Robert Collin 01/23/2015

    We are probably in those documents. They may be needed in litigation. We were Professors there for 10 years and left because of a racially hostile environment. Hired by Brand and harassed by Frohnmayer. I am on Amazon Authors page. Robert W. Collin

  9. just different 02/02/2015

    What’s the email address for UO Matters? I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere, but I can’t find it.

    • uomatters Post author | 02/02/2015

      uomatters at gmail

  10. Dr. Funkenstein 03/05/2015

    Hallelujah. That endless repackaging of web pages is annoying and thoroughly useless. Thanks for straightforward information. I mean, FIND PEOPLE? It’s buried in the “new” UO homepage, along with Class Schedule. CLASS SCHEDULE!

    I’d like to respectfully point out that I don’t believe for one minute that parents or students choose this University based on the stupid webpage. If they’re willing to be that shallow, they’re probably choosing it because they like the Duck uniforms. But let’s just say that they were willing to explore the UO via that website — good luck navigating the labyrinth of junk in order to find any useful information, such as CLASSES!

    These things should be utilitarian as a priority — particularly for a University, where getting access to resources is important for both students and faculty.

  11. just different 03/06/2015

    Maybe under “Resources,” a link to the UO policy library.

  12. Terry McQuilkin 07/09/2015

    Thank you for creating this “crap-free” home page. It is very helpful and I have it bookmarked. Would you consider placing the “Resources” links (Canvas, Blackboard, Duckweb, etc.) higher up on the page? I find that I frequently need to log into Canvas and Duckweb, but they end up being “below the fold.” Also, I use Outlook mail not Webmail…is that a link you can add?

  13. just different 09/21/2015

    Damn, the org chart link is wrong and I can’t find the latest one. Have they just not put one up yet?

    • Hugo Flounder 10/27/2015

      Hi betterlatethannever,

      I read your comment on our form, which of course led me to this site and your comments here. I would be more than happy to set up a meeting to talk about how we can work together to improve the new home page for OSU. We always welcome constructive feedback. You are more than welcome to continue your trolling or you could work to actually make something better. Let us know [email protected].

      • uomatters Post author | 10/27/2015

        Thanks for the constructive comment, Flounder. OSU’s classic web page looks really good to me, but the authoritative resource for university website design is here:

        Maybe someone should get a discussion going on our sister website,

        • Give me a bling free webpage anytime, please 12/06/2017

          Since you posted this in 2015, the UO website has gotten considerably worse… and all other department websites are required to follow suit.

  14. gary crum 03/04/2017

    We read lots of numbers regarding “in state tuition”, “out of state/foreign tuition”, state support, etc. these can be interesting, but it’s not always “fair” to compare them to one another. let me explain

    There is somewhere a number which I’ve not seen. That number is the actual “cost” of education for a full-time (15 credits?) student for a year at the U of O. (by this I mean the actual number you’d get by dividing the operating budget by the number of full time students. This would allow a comparison of the “tuition cost” to the actual cost…I’m guessing for an “instate student” the tuition is significantly below that actual cost. Does anyone have such a number available…I may have just missed it. However, I think it would add an important element to the discussion of cost. thanks, Gary Crum

  15. Candice Kramer 03/13/2017

    This is really clean; however, if you are thinking about re-design, the ‘I want to’ page on the City of Eugene site is a useful one:

    Also think there should be, somewhere, a ‘questions you should ask’ (student advising) and acronyms list (please!)

  16. Applause for Kenny Jacoby 12/27/2017

    Today’s “Around the O” Is all about the year in review.

    Sadly, but not surprisingly, a particularly shining UO star is not mentioned: Kenny Jacoby

  17. Anonymous 02/20/2018

    While you’re at it, could you call the directory the “Directory” rather than the semi-literate-sounding “Find People”? That’d be nice.

  18. vpequity 04/28/2020

    The OA council asked UO HR if Schill’s progressive pay reduction table could be adjusted to give a higher percentage cut to those OA’s who earn a more For example, those who earn $150k should take at least a 30% cut, and those who earn $200K 40%, those who earn $300k or more 50%. UO HR said no go because those who earn more “have certain household expenditures” that must be taken into account. Socialism for the rich, brutal capitalism for everyone else.

    • Mr. Jefferson 04/28/2020

      Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just.

  19. Karyn Schultz 04/30/2020

    The link for Today’s UO central administration org chart is broken:
    “The requested page “/sites/” could not be found.

  20. zach 05/16/2020

    Is Schill sending any emails out about the body found under the bridge named after Frohnmayer ? Very few details are being released that I have heard. I know someone who had photos of his hands taken by police. He is a very kind person who would never hurt a fly. I wonder if the police are thinking it was not a accident or suicide. The lack of info seems weird. Usually in Eugene lack of info about something relates to protecting the UO brand. A family member of the person who died placed some flowers and a candle…those were removed quickly by somebody coldhearted. I suspect if questioned UO would respond that UO silence about this is related to “privacy issues”.

  21. Jason Brown 08/01/2022

    This provides an incredibly valuable service to the community and the academic world in general. The crap free site highlights what universities should be for—education and research. My guess is that many people agree that American capitalism has destroyed American education by diverting resources away from the university’s primary mission. The UO exists in a capitalist system and it has gone all-in on surviving in that system. But the crap free site reminds us that there is an alternative universe.

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