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Your unions

UO Faculty Union, a.k.a the United Academics of the University of Oregon:

Gleason et al’s “Fact Check” letter about UO Matters, and response:

UO Grad Student Union, a.k.a the GTFF:

UO Staff Union: SEIU 503 Sublocal 085

Local 085 represents the classified employees (~1400) at the University of Oregon. We’re a sublocal of SEIU Local 503 – an organization of more than 55,000 women and men in Oregon who, by joining together, are achieving what we cannot accomplish alone. By standing together, we have a voice in our contracts and our daily work lives.


Other faculty unions (in progress):


  1. Gray Duck 04/19/2014

    Fair Share Objectors – better get your form turned in within 30 days if you don’t want the union taking more out of your paycheck than they are legally allowed. Their letter says the objection period ends April 10th, or 30 days from the date of receipt. This appears to be a move to allow the absolute minimum amount of time to return the form since their letter wasn’t mailed until after April 10th.

    If you didn’t get the letter, don’t worry, the union is a champion of transparency so you can always download it from their website here:

    Just kidding, the Fair Share link is dead. Maybe it will be available about 30 days from now.

    I’m going to file a grievance. Oh wait, that link is dead too, just like the link to the budget. Are they seriously running without a budget or are they just withholding it? Neither option is admirable. Can we count on UO Matters to file a challenge through the Union Hudson Procedure to force transparency in the union budget?

    Since I couldn’t find a budget, I figured I would peruse the vast array of member benefits that are being generated with our dues to get an idea about where the money is being spent. If you have a good chunk of time to kill, you can find them here:

  2. uomatters Post author | 04/19/2014

    Yeah, you’re right, it’s still pretty minimal. Sorry. More coming in the next week or two.

  3. smitty 01/15/2015

    Would like to see SEIU 509 sub local 085 stuff up here, too. Or are unworthy?

  4. uomatters Post author | 01/15/2015

    what’s the link?

  5. smitty 11/03/2016

    I see SEIU link and mention of classified staff still not a part of this page.

    Disappointing. Had hoped the very large population of classified staff would garner acknowledgement and value by uomatters.

    We are entering economic negotiations soon. Could use your support and help with visibility.

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