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Wanted: A Gentleman with Elbows

According to today’s WSJ story, Richard Lariviere is busy. But you know the UO Trustees want him, or someone like him, to lead UO. And I’m guessing that plenty of the 6700 faculty, staff, alumni and boosters who signed the petition to protest the 2011 firing of Lariviere are telling UO’s new Trustees that a timid paper pusher like Gottfredson is not what they want:

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 8.10.28 PM

But first we’ve got to get rid of the interminably passive-aggressive Mike Gottfredson:

5/19/2014 update: Why Mike Gottfredson will be resigning as UO President 

Presidential transition team

5/17/2012: This was Lariviere’s first mistake. Jim Bean as chair – Bellotti, Grier, Martinez! A few months later Jim Bean had managed to move from interim to permanent provost without any search or campus discussion. With Bean’s advice Lariviere kept on Grier and Dyke, and then he hired people like…

OSU loves Lariviere

10/14/2011: From an editorial in the Corvallis paper: Corvallis Gazette-Times, Oct. 11, on raises for university faculty: Say what you will about University of Oregon President Richard Lariviere – and the man has picked up something of a maverick label during his term at the Eugene campus – he might…

Pernsteiner gets all pissy

6/17/11: From the Statesman Journal editors blog: – President Lariviere was absent for three of the five full State Board of Higher Education meetings during the 2010-11 fiscal year. – His new contract has not been written but these are the conditions read during the board’s meeting by telephone this…

Students on Lariviere:

3/4/2011: From Mark Costigan in the ODE, attacking his lack of transparency: Transparency has been a problem in political and educational administrations nationwide, but Lariviere has demonstrated he has little to no intentions of changing that trend. As we move out of the public sector, this could pose a serious…