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Posts tagged as “NCAA violations”

NCAA cartel goes after Duck coaches and UO professor for petty “infractions”

What a load of crap. The NCAA is making UO waste time and money on this trivia while their leaders and coaches pocket hundred of millions of dollars from the sweat and concussions of their unpaid student-athletes. The NCAA won’t even penalize UNC for years of sham courses for athletes,…

LA Times wants a copy of any FBI subpoenas of Dana Altman’s Ducks

10/9/2017 update:

In what may be it’s fastest turnaround time since I asked Dave Hubin for a copy of Jim Bean’s sabbatical contract, UO’s Public Records Office says today that “there are no responsive records” to the LA Times request for federal subpoenas or search warrants involving Altman or his coaches. For comparison, here are the last 3 or so months of the public records log.

Still no Tim Gleason rhabdo docs for HBO, no new Bach docs, etc:

Journalism students investigate cost of athletic scandals

11/14/2013: An excellent piece of investigative journalism from UNC, here. Their university’s administrators were remarkably forthcoming about the costs of the outside investigations, and how much was paid by the athletics department and how much by the UNC Foundation. It took me years, and hundreds of dollars in public records…

PR request update: NCAA wastes Gottfredson’s time on more sports crap

5/23/2013: UO is on the verge of being kicked out of the AAU. Meanwhile, the self important pissant jock-sniffers on the NCAA Infractions Committee don’t think the UO President has anything important to do with his time. So they “invite” him to come to their meeting in Indianapolis and explain…

Secret meeting update. Chip Kelly was a cheat who skipped town on his debts

4/24/2013: Secret meeting update: SI is reporting UO held a meeting with the NCAA infractions committee last week to negotiate penalties. The charge of the UO Senate’s IAC says the IAC shall be consulted by the 3. The faculty athletics representative about all ongoing investigations and major violations. And the Frohnmayer…