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Ducks to hire new NCAA Compliance Officer

Gary Gray has held the job for years. They’ve just posted an ad for a replacement. Meanwhile, still no news on the Kelly/Lyles penalties, or who will pay them. 5/6/2013.


  1. Anonymous 05/07/2013

    Yeah, who didn’t see this coming?
    Mostly compliant for so many years until Kelly and then, magically, nobody seems to know the rules. That includes the highly regarded “long time coaches” who apparently enjoyed the Texas connection even though Campbell had been guilty of previous violations in recruiting a Cal commit. Is it also telling that Kelly hired the lowly staffer who participated in the Lyles debacle? Of course it is. Sh*t stinks.

    Hopefully Gray took early retirement.

  2. Anonymous 05/07/2013

    Let it be noted these events started under the Kilkenny term. Nothing good comes from having a booster as AD.

  3. Anonymous 05/07/2013

    They’ve offered up Gary Gray as a sacrifice? They sent him to the Senate with false information, too. Seems like they like to kick people around.

    Too bad… Gary seems like a nice guy,

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