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LA Times wants a copy of any FBI subpoenas of Dana Altman’s Ducks

10/9/2017 update:

In what may be it’s fastest turnaround time since I asked Dave Hubin for a copy of Jim Bean’s sabbatical contract, UO’s Public Records Office says today that “there are no responsive records” to the LA Times request for federal subpoenas or search warrants involving Altman or his coaches. For comparison, here are the last 3 or so months of the public records log.

Still no Tim Gleason rhabdo docs for HBO, no new Bach docs, etc:

10/09/2017 Contract Wolf, Lyle Records Provided
10/09/2017 Subpoenas Iboshi, Kyle No Responsive Records
10/09/2017 Subpoenas Jacoby, Kenny No Responsive Records
10/06/2017 Subpoenas Fenno, Nathan No Responsive Records
10/05/2017 Contract Allerton, Robert Records Provided
10/05/2017 Contract Krakow, Morgan Records Provided
10/04/2017 Contracts Huntsman, John Records Provided
10/04/2017 Salary Data Miraglia, John Requesting/Reviewing Records
10/03/2017 Contracts and compensation Schmidt, Brad Requesting/Reviewing Records
10/02/2017 Personnel Gartrell, Garth Records Provided
10/02/2017 Outstanding vendor checks Minotti, Anthony Awaiting Payment
09/28/2017 Correspondence Pitcher, Jack Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/28/2017 RFP Swyers, Angie Request Withdrawn
09/28/2017 Payments Renzetti, Jackie Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/27/2017 Correspondence Melchior, Jillian Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/27/2017 Correspondence Fenno, Nathan Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/25/2017 Contract Smith, Dan Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/25/2017 Purchase orders Pilsbury, Matthew Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/21/2017 RFP Wikoff, Heather Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/21/2017 Correspondence Volker, WIlliam Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/21/2017 Expenditures Harbaugh, Bill Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/20/2017 RFPs, scoresheets, interview materials Kennedy, Phil Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/20/2017 Contract Daugherty, Connor Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/20/2017 Complaints Keefer, Bob Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/18/2017 Contracts Jacoby, Kenny Records Provided
09/15/2017 Contract Frerotte, Susan Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/15/2017 Notices Keefer, Bob No Responsive Records
09/14/2017 Correspondence Butler, Jack Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/14/2017 Correspondence Harbaugh, Bill Awaiting Payment
09/14/2017 Contract and correspondence Keefer, Bob Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/14/2017 Expenditures McQuay, Brian Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/13/2017 Financial Records Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
09/13/2017 Salary Data Sawyer, Brandon Records Provided
09/13/2017 Contract Pitcher, Jack No Responsive Records
09/13/2017 RFPs, scoresheet Garner, Katie Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/13/2017 Correspondence Moore, Jack Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/13/2017 Correspondence Meek, Austin Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/13/2017 Contract Sawyer, Brandon Records Provided
09/12/2017 Proposals Stevens, Kristen Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/12/2017 Contract Galluzzo, Morgan Records Provided
09/12/2017 Directory Information Weiss, Jordan Awaiting Payment
09/11/2017 Communications Hubbard, Saul Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/11/2017 RFPs, contract McNeeley, Mathew Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/08/2017 Archives Worley, Douglas No Responsive Records
09/08/2017 Correspondence Rosenwasser, Jake Awaiting Payment
09/07/2017 Equity Funds Vladov, Vladimir Records Provided
09/06/2017 Proposals Bergeron, Jewel Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/05/2017 Payments Jacoby, Kenny No Responsive Records
08/31/2017 Contract Maxwell, Michelle Records Provided
08/30/2017 Directory Information Doyle, Austin Awaiting Payment
08/29/2017 Contracts Cohen, Kevin Requesting/Reviewing Records
08/28/2017 Contract Keefer, Bob Records Provided
08/28/2017 Contracts Tracy, Marc Records Provided
08/28/2017 Contracts Greif, Andrew Records Provided
08/28/2017 Contracts Greif, Andrew Records Provided
08/24/2017 Contract Tilkin, Dan Records Provided
08/23/2017 RFPs Van Dyk, Andrew No Responsive Records
08/22/2017 Contracts Higginson, Grant Records Provided
08/22/2017 Game Contract Baumbach, Jim Records Provided
08/18/2017 RFPs, scoresheet Pratt, Gwen Records Provided
08/18/2017 Correspondence Tilkin, Dan Awaiting Payment
08/17/2017 Correspondence Jacoby, Kenny Awaiting Payment
08/17/2017 Policies Jacoby, Kenny Records Provided
08/16/2017 Contract Mortensen, Camilla Records Provided
08/16/2017 RFPs, scoresheet McCormack, Colleen Records Provided
08/16/2017 RFPs, scoresheet Siddall, Sean Records Provided
08/16/2017 Contract Tilkin, Dan No Responsive Records
08/15/2017 Contract Mortensen, Camilla No Responsive Records
08/09/2017 Salary Data Redford, Patrick Records Provided
08/09/2017 Contracts Kelley, Kevin Records Provided
08/09/2017 Correspondence Knowlton, Emmett Requesting/Reviewing Records
08/07/2017 Report Binkley, Collin Records Provided
08/04/2017 Committee members Igl, David Records Provided
08/04/2017 RFPs, scoresheets Bergeron, Jewel Requesting/Reviewing Records
08/03/2017 RFPs Quinn, Janet Records Provided
08/03/2017 RFPs Odorfer, Angela Records Provided
08/02/2017 Contract Heyrich, Abigail Records Provided
07/31/2017 Law Documents Thornberry, Max Records Provided
07/28/2017 Contract and correspondence Hodes, Scott Requesting/Reviewing Records
07/28/2017 Expenditures Jacoby, Kenny Records Provided
07/26/2017 Contract and correspondence Day, Wes Request Withdrawn
07/24/2017 Multimedia Agreement Patterson, Taylor Records Provided
07/19/2017 Policies Hussain, Suhauna Records Provided
07/19/2017 RFQs Carpenter, Molly Records Provided
07/19/2017 Position Information Gomes, Ashley Requesting/Reviewing Records
07/18/2017 RFQs Philbin, Julie Records Provided
07/18/2017 Statistics Binkley, Collin No Responsive Records
07/17/2017 Employee Information Iboshi, Kyle Records Provided
07/17/2017 Contract Will, Garland Records Provided
07/14/2017 RFQs Quezada, Rocky Awaiting Payment
07/14/2017 RFPs Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
07/13/2017 NCAA violations Greif, Andrew Records Provided
07/12/2017 Contracts Berkowitz, Steve Records Provided
07/12/2017 Personnel Jacoby, Kenny Records Provided
07/12/2017 NCAA violations Greif, Andrew Request Withdrawn
07/12/2017 RFP proposers Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
07/10/2017 Correspondence Butler, Jack Requesting/Reviewing Records

10/8/2017: Presumably any search warrants or subpoenas would be related to the FBI’s investigation of what the federal government calls sports bribery, but what Joe Nocera and most of the economics profession say is just a student-athlete trying to make a little money for his family playing basketball, despite the NCAA cartel’s efforts to keep it all for the coaches and athletic directors:

The FBI has a handy tip line:

Joon Kim, the acting U.S. attorney in Manhattan, went so far as to encourage participants in sports bribery to rat themselves out. “Better for you to be calling us, than for us to be calling you,” he said:

And CBS sports reports that the FBI investigation of college basketball may hurt Chip Kelly’s chances of getting a new college football job:

Chip Kelly’s near-term college job prospects dimmed last week.

Never mind the former Oregon coach may not formally be looking while working in an ESPN studio this season. In a lot of people’s minds, Kelly is the best coach not to be on a sideline.

In fact, his name surfaced this week as a possible replacement for Butch Jones at Tennessee.

But if and when he returns to college, Kelly would come with newly defined baggage thanks to the ongoing FBI investigation into college basketball revealed last week.

It has been almost 4½ years since Kelly was sanctioned by the NCAA after he had left for the Philadelphia Eagles. He was slapped with “failure to monitor” in the infamous Will Lyles affair. Even worse, Kelly was handed an 18-month show-cause penalty — basically in abstentia — after he went to the NFL.

Oregon was accused of paying $25,000 to Lyles, a shadowy 7-on-7 coach, in exchange for his guiding players to the Ducks. Lyles admitted as much.

That’s basically evidence of the same third-party influence Adidas was accused of engaging in by the FBI by paying college basketball assistants to influence players to sign with the shoe giant.

While that sort of college basketball culture has been entrenched for decades, the NCAA is desperately trying to keep it from filtering into football.

My favorite part of that scandal was how the Ducks tried to hide Chip’s $25K payment to Willie Lyles’, by reporting it as expenditures for “Books Publications & Other”:

And then when UO tried to fine Chip $20K, as allowed under his contract, he skipped town without paying. Or at least that’s what Paul Swangard tweeted:

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