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Daily Emerald editorial board rips back VPFA Jamie Moffitt’s curtain

and finds nought but a “scattered assortment of spreadsheets”, here. Not to mention the $10M side payment to her husband’s law school. $2.4 million a year for the Duck athletic department’s Jock Box – her former employer. $2M in legal fees and damages for the behavior of UOPD Police Chief Carolyn McDermed,…

Long overdue VPFA office shakeup over AAEO, UOPD, etc

Another positive move by President Schill to address longstanding problems in Johnson Hall. Announcement here: Organizational Changes in Finance and Administration December 10, 2015 Dear Colleagues– I am very pleased to announce a number of changes within the Finance and Administration (VPFA) portfolio, all of which are aimed at improving…

Law Dean Michael Moffitt to explain how he got $10M from general tuition fund

From: <[email protected]> on behalf of Kathy Warden <[email protected]> Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2015 9:15 AM To: “‘[email protected]'” <[email protected]> Subject: deans-dirs: Reminder: Dean Moffitt’s 5-yr review presentation today Dear colleagues, This is a reminder that you are invited to Dean Michael Moffitt’s public presentation today at 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm…

Bargaining VII: Economics. Admin proposes 1% for merit, no ATB, no equity, and $600 one-time to buy this sweet 1964 Chevy van – if you sign the contract now:

Cocktail party version: Moffitt delivers on transparency – new docs reveal large increases in spending on Pres Admin Operations, Enrollment, Advancement, Police. No money left in the budget for faculty. Admin team then unveils their economic proposal, which is a one-time $600 and a 1% merit raise, delayed until 2017.…

University desperately seeking short-term relationship with a human

resources manager.

JH is in total meltdown. They could really do with taking a look at the article on which lists the 5 best PEO companies of 2021, as the services of a PEO company would be invaluable to them at this moment in time. Why? Because they have lost control of payroll, accounting, and basic human resources management, and they’ve put out an emergency bid for consultants. Deadline now extended to June 10. The last time this happened we paid Huron millions. The bid info is on the OUS website:

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 10.52.35 PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 10.52.57 PM

4/16/2014 Now verified, Mark Yuran gone as UO Chief HR Officer

Sent on behalf of Jamie Moffitt:

NCAA to share administrators’ perks and family junkets with the players?

4/24/2014: This is a stunning development from the NCAA, reported by Rachel Bachman in the WSJ. It must be bitter news for UO’s FAR Jim O’Fallon, who has spent his professional life taking away kids athletic scholarships for just this sort of thing: Other changes that the five power conferences are likely to…

Central administration reserves grow, while Shelton starves CAS

2/21/2014 update: Speaking of bloat, here’s a nice benefit for money-losing UO basketball coach Dana Altman, to top off his $1.8M salary, bonuses, and “opportunities to earn outside income”:

During the Term of this Agreement while Altman is head men’s basketball coach, and upon presentation of proper receipts, Altman will be eligible to receive up to twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) per year to reimburse him for travel expenses incurred by his relatives and friends to attend University athletic events or for the purpose of visiting Altman.

Latest contract here:

2/20/2014 update:The news from CAS is all about how Brad Shelton’s budget model is going to hold back still more tuition for UO’s central administrators to play with next year. Meanwhile, UO’s latest report to OUS shows that UO’s reserve funds are steadily increasing, by about $12M in just one year according to the forecast. This is after payment of the first round of union raises. The next round starts July 1, and will cost ~$8M, while tuition increases and new state funding will bring in about $18M in new money. So expect further increases in reserves, and more of the same BS from the administrators about “the well is dry”.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 5.29.48 PM

2/18/2014: VPFA Jamie Moffitt’s transparent reports reveal administrative bloat

Budget VP Brad Shelton is now hiding his Budget Model reports behind a password wall, presumably in response to me outing Doug Blandy’s $1M AAD 250-252 student credit hour heist. Reminds me of back when Frances Dyke was VPFA and took the excel spreadsheet explaining the accounting codes off her website, claiming it wasn’t a public record.

But new VPFA Jamie Moffitt has put that file back up, along with a plethora of simple summaries showing where Johnson Hall is spending UO’s money, and plenty more detailed spreadsheets. An admirable improvement from the obfuscation we got from her during union bargaining, presumably under orders from Randy Geller. Here are some highlights.