University desperately seeking short-term relationship with a human

resources manager.

JH is in total meltdown. They could really do with taking a look at the article on which lists the 5 best PEO companies of 2021, as the services of a PEO company would be invaluable to them at this moment in time. Why? Because they have lost control of payroll, accounting, and basic human resources management, and they’ve put out an emergency bid for consultants. Deadline now extended to June 10. The last time this happened we paid Huron millions. The bid info is on the OUS website:

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4/16/2014 Now verified, Mark Yuran gone as UO Chief HR Officer

Sent on behalf of Jamie Moffitt:

UO Faculty and Staff Colleagues,

I am writing to share news regarding an important change within the University of Oregon Human Resources Department.

Mark Yuran has elected to resign his position as Chief Human Resources Officer. We wish him well and thank him for his contributions.

We ask that you and your staffs continue to work with the appropriate Human Resource office specialists regarding specific and ongoing issues and opportunities. Feel free to contact Greg Stripp, associate vice president for administration, at [email protected] or 541.346.5551, or myself, should any urgent items arise during this interim period. We will provide additional succession details when appropriate and thank you for your ongoing support.

Please share this message with additional colleagues as appropriate.


Jamie Moffitt
Vice President for Finance & Administration & CFO
University of Oregon
[email protected]

4/2/2014: That’s the latest from rumor control. VPFA Jamie Moffitt hired him in October, according to this announcement from UO’s “Office of Strategic Communications”. According to the Sept search announcement he was charged with, among other things, union contract implementation and grievances. The outside search was conducted by Kim Morrison of Diversified Search, Inc.

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7 Responses to University desperately seeking short-term relationship with a human

  1. Max Powers says:

    anybody have the scoop on what happened here?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I heard it was a botched hire by Jamie Moffitt.

  3. OA Anon says:

    Was he ever really HERE?

    • Max Powers says:

      Must not have been… I can’t imagine it was cheap to hire the guy, probably paid some search firm a bundle.

  4. OA Anon says:

    In this case, specific and high level expertise is needed for a smooth transition within the various units that work on HR/hiring/benefits/affirmative action. It needs to be done with sensitivity and arms-length analysis. Good situation for an outside entity to come in and make change, and to provide additional human capital to a significantly under-staffed group on campus.
    PS in the end, the work that Heron group did with Sponsored Projects Services totally turned that unit around. It is one of the best run, most helpful, and high producing central admins on campus.
    And btw, I am from a department/user, not from central admin.

  5. Gott enough at this point. says:

    JH is in complete breakdown. Please, trustees, do something to prevent the free fall? Rob Mullens for UO President might even be welcome news at this point.