4 Responses to VPFA Jamie Moffitt announces new plan for more administrative bloat

  1. awesome0 says:

    And don’t forget this is ‘to help recruit and retain faculty’. I think this is a good move. The last thing that one of my colleagues that left for a 60 percent raise said was “Yeah, the pay is shit here, but if the HR was better, I’d probably stay.”

    Can’t wait for the next round of negotiations…

  2. Bloated says:

    Bloating 101: Why You Feel Bloated


    Three Tips to Keep Bloating at Bay

  3. loljkwtf says:

    the article says director of talent acquisition, not AVP.

  4. charlie says:

    Had lunch the other day with a former student. He finally got an adjunct gig at a Cal State in the Bay Area. Tens of thousands in the hole, and he receives no benes, pay is garbage, according to him, he would have been better off if he had stayed at a mill, working greenchain, which is what he did during his undergrad summers.

    Truth is, that the uni where he’s working doesn’t give a piles worth of dirty socks for him or his students. The admin bloat is so preposterous, the buildings that they have erected, and the debt service, so academically useless, far less money is left for the the people who do the actual work, so much so, they can’t make a living. Same god damn thing is true at U of Owe.

    Shit gets real when you have one of your former hs students telling you what their lives have become. Wonder if Gottfredson, Coltrane, Frohnmeyer, any of their functionaries, ever sit and listen to their former students tell them that have been made debt slaves, all due to the former’s allegiance to Wall Street and politically connected corps. Highly doubt it……