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UO hiding how many Duck athletes have tested positive so far

8/11/2020 update: UO still hasn’t responded to the July 2nd request from Bloomberg News, but they’ve finally told the Oregonian this: “UO also said it “does not possess documents” regarding the number of positive COVID-19 test results for football players, coaches or team support staff, but that if they did,…

“The university will not retaliate against anyone based on their response to this survey.”

I can’t imagine why our provost would feel the need to put that in writing. I think the gist of his email is that faculty can now opt out of in-person teaching, whether they are obese or not: Dear Colleagues, I hope that you and your families are enjoying the…

New UO re-opening plan has no actual criteria

The gist is a list of “criteria” that includes no actual criteria, standards, numbers, trends, required first or second derivative signs, or any other metrics.

So it’s gonna be a judgement call, and Provost Phillips is not going to disclose what criteria actually need to be met to reopen in-person teaching at UO:

On or before August 26, the university will make a decision about whether to alter our plans and either more significantly reduce the number of in-person courses or transition to a fully remote model for the fall. This decision will be based on public health guidance and the following criteria:

  • Indications of increasing community spread
  • County reopening phase level
  • Rate of county rapid testing turnaround times, and capacity for UO to provide testing to help sustain county needs
  • Capacity of contact tracing and case management at health authority, for example Lane County Public Health (LCPH) in Eugene, including UO contact tracing resources assigned to support LCPH
  • Implementation of protocols for enforcement of behavioral interventions, especially face coverings
  • Capacity of on-campus self-isolation space for students living in University Housing
  • Access to and availability of personal protective equipment needed to remain operational
  • Ability to maintain proper levels of cleaning and sanitation
  • Status of local K-12 schools and impacts on university personnel

Meanwhile UO’s Public Records Office is still delaying the release of basic testing data:

Full text online here and below the break:

“The best way to prevent infection of COVID-19 is to avoid being exposed to the virus.”

Who would have guessed. From today’s email from the University of Oregon, here. Also: The university has approved a new self-check health regulation which outlines that students and employees should conduct a self-check daily and not come to campus if they are experiencing or have experienced any COVID-19 symptoms in the…

Ducks won’t report number of players testing positive for Covid-19

Ken Goe has the story in the Oregonian, here. The UO website revealed Thursday that five members of the campus community have tested positive. Some schools, among them Pac-12 rivals Colorado, Oregon State and Washington, have released information about the number of athletes to test positive this month. Colorado reported…

VPAA to Deans/Depts: Stop granting your damn faculty’s requests to teach remotely!

Thanks to an anonymous source for the leak: From: Janet Woodruff-Borden <[email protected]> Date: June 16, 2020 at 7:05:16 PM EDT To: Brad Shelton <[email protected]>, Bruce Blonigen <[email protected]>, DD Humanities <[email protected]>, Gabe Paquette <[email protected]>, Hal Sadofsky <[email protected]>, Janet Woodruff-Borden <[email protected]>, Juan-Carlos Molleda <[email protected]>, Karen Ford <[email protected]>, Kate Mondloch <[email protected]>, Laura Vandenburgh…

Senate de-names covid financial planning task force over shared governance theater concerns

The decisions about UO’s financial and academic response to the coronavirus and its long term consequences are being made by Pres Mike Schill, Provost Patrick Phillips, BoT Secretary Angela Wilhems, VPBP Brad Shelton, CAS Dean Bruce Blonigen, and VPFA Jamie Moffitt in secret. The idea that they would use this…