Pernsteiner gets all pissy

6/17/11: From the Statesman Journal editors blog:

– President Lariviere was absent for three of the five full State Board of Higher Education meetings during the 2010-11 fiscal year.

– His new contract has not been written but these are the conditions read during the board’s meeting by telephone this week:

Richard Lariviere Contract conditions:

(1) (a) Attendance at Board meetings and Presidents’ Council meetings, absent a legitimate and unavoidable conflict;

 (b) Active participation in Board, Board committee, and OUS discussions on governance, institution boards, and sustainable financing models in preparation for the 2012 legislative session, including presenting and advocating for a specific proposal on governance and financing now known as “The New Partnership” for Board committee and Board consideration;

(c) Refrain from advocating, in any way, including through employees and contractors, for The New Partnership or a governance/financing proposal substantially similar to The New Partnership, except through the Board’s processes;

(d) Refrain from opposing any legislative proposal adopted by the Board and/or advanced by the Governor for presentation to the 2012 Oregon Legislative Assembly.  

(2) Termination without cause providing for 30 days’ notice and liquidated damages of whatever state salary is remaining on the contract.  

Shove it, Dr. Pernsteiner. The weird part is Mrs. Gerlingher predicted all this, back in 1939.

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One Response to Pernsteiner gets all pissy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Larivierre has said as president going forward he will (1) fight for the Governor’s plan and (2) do the best job for UO. Doesn’t sound like he’s going to give up advocating for the New Partnership, and it doesn’t sound like he’s too worried about being terminated. Personally, I hope Kitzhaber terminates Pernsteiner and the OUS board. But Larivierre, if he’s both gutsy and smart, will (1) keep doing his job as he has outlined and (2) let the headhunters know he would like to be some place where he’s appreciated. I wish him the best.