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5/17/2012: This was Lariviere’s first mistake. Jim Bean as chair – Bellotti, Grier, Martinez!

A few months later Jim Bean had managed to move from interim to permanent provost without any search or campus discussion. With Bean’s advice Lariviere kept on Grier and Dyke, and then he hired people like Denis Simon and Kees de Kluyver. Then came the Bellotti fiasco and the AG’s investigation. Then the CFO search – also headed by Bean – failed. Lariviere never had a chance to get on his feet. Then Donegan and Pernsteiner came after him, as would a pack of savage wolves, sensing a moment of weakness in the heart of a noble but aged bull moose.

So, anyone got suggestions for the next president’s transition team?

6/9/2009. The following message is forwarded on behalf of incoming President Richard Lariviere: 

As July 1 approaches, Jan and I grow increasingly excited about the opportunity to join the University of Oregon community. Since being named the UO’s next president I have made monthly visits to Oregon to begin my education and orientation. These visits have reinforced my impression that the University of Oregon is one of the finest institutions in the United States.

I still have much to learn about the university, the state, and the community. I have assembled a short-term team of advisors to accelerate that process and to help ensure a seamless transition (see below for a list of the transition team members). This team will serve as a learning network and will add valuable perspective on the key issues I must be attentive to in the coming months. I have asked the transition team to meet several times between July and the end of the fall term with a charge of identifying the five most critical issues that face the institution.

In addition to the transition team, I will consult with other key internal and external constituencies such as the Faculty Advisory Council, University Senate leadership, staff and student leadership, trustees, alumni leaders, and others.  I am also eager to hear from you. You can reach me at [email protected], and after July 1, I will available by phone in the president’s office at 346-3036.

I value your input as we strive to support our collective goal of enhancing one of the preeminent public higher education institutions in the nation.  I look forward to meeting you in the coming weeks.

Richard Lariviere
Incoming President

Transition Team:
Jim Bean, Senior Vice President and Provost (Chair)
Melinda Grier, General Counsel
Michael Redding, Vice President University Advancement
Robin Holmes, Vice President for Student Affairs
Charles Martinez, Vice Provost Institutional Equity and Diversity
Barbara West, Special Counsel to President
Deb Carver, Dean University Libraries
Frances Bronet, Dean Architecture and Allied Arts
Larry Singell, Associate Dean College of Arts and Sciences
Paul van Donkelaar, former President University Senate
Geri Richmond, Professor Chemistry
Gordon Sayre, Professor English
Michael Moffitt, Associate Professor Law
David Wacks, Assistant Professor Romance Languages
Mike Bellotti, Athletic Director
Elaine Jones, Assistant Dean for Finance and Operations, College of Education (OA)
Steve Stolp, Director Support Services for Student Athletes (OA)
Joshi Wynn, Graduate Student
TBD, Classified Staff
TBD, Undergraduate Student
Tim Black, Director Intergovernmental Relations (Staff to Transition Team)

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4 Responses to Presidential transition team

  1. Anonymous says:

    if the past is much of a guide, it be more of the same types. but any nomination here may be a curse. nemo

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rearrange your chess pieces. Donegan and Pernsteiner are pawns.

  3. UO Matters says:

    Good point. I guess Howard Slusher would be the knight?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nah, he’s a rook.
    The obvious and expendable ones are knights such as an athletic director, provost and even president. Easy to set up and easy to blame.