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9/14/2009: What is it about UO administrators. Do they take a blood oath to defend each others’ paychecks til the bitter end? We’ve written before about the OUS audit which found current Provost Bean had cut former Provost Moseley’s retirement contract job duties without reducing his FTE, and was letting Moseley charge UO for weekly trips to his vacation home on the Deschutes – whether or not there was any UO-Bend work to do over there. We thought this situation had been resolved, but it turns out Provost Bean has pulled a fast one.

After an anonymous online tip alerted her, OUS auditor Pat Snopkowski wrote this July 31 audit report to UO President Lariviere, in which she states:

“University Management has agreed with Dr. Moseley that he will not receive reimbursement for his expenses associated with his assignment.” (p 3).

Seems pretty clear. However, the contract amendment for Dr. Moseley, signed by Moseley and UO Provost Jim Bean on Aug 20, says exactly the opposite:

3. Moseley and UO understand that as a result of his changed assignment, Moseley’s expenses for his work in Central Oregon will be paid as if he were a UO employee whose workstation and tax home is at the UO Bend facility.

What’s the difference? The OUS agreement with President Lariviere says Moseley is not to be reimbursed for travel to his vacation home. But the contract Bean signed with Moseley allows him to continue charging UO for one trip a week. Additionally, while Moseley’s new contract gives him responsibility for only one of the 4 job duties laid out in his original contract, he is allowed to keep the entire 0.5 FTE in his original contract. When questioned about this, Provost Bean reportedly said

“Look, you know Moseley. Do you really want me to give him a job here in Eugene?”

Good point Jim, but do we really have to pay him to come visit every week? For the curious, the contract between Moseley and then President Frohnmayer is here. It runs for 2 more years – but it’s such a blatant attempt to subvert the PERS rules I assume that UO could break it easily. BTW, the info for Ms Snopkowski’s anonymous tipline is

OUS Hotline: 1.888.304.7810
Or at

we recommend it.

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