10/19/20: The NYTimes has an article about the resignation of NDSU’s president over excessive spending on his official residence – it’s about $1 million over budget. Meanwhile, Greg Bolt has an RG article on budget cuts at UO. There is no mention of the $2 million a year ICC cut, the $2.4 million Frances just spent on remodeling administrative offices in Johnson Hall, the $1 million a year we spend on John Moseley’s Bend retirement gig, the undisclosed cost of for similar golden parachutes for other retired administrators, the $245,000 we pay Frohmayer to co-teach one undergrad course, etc.

Reading Greg’s article you get the feeling shit just happens. Sure, but this particular shit happened because UO’s administrators repeatedly decided to spend the money UO gets from tuition and the state on themselves. The people who made these decisions are all still on the payroll, in many cases because of their manipulation of PERS rules. We need to clean this mess up before we go back to the students and the taxpayers for more money.

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