UO Loses Discrimination Case

2/14/2010: This is a strange discrimination case against UO, from Karen McGowan in the RG:

A federal court jury has awarded more than $164,000 in damages to a former University of Oregon assistant professor who filed a lawsuit in 2007 alleging disparate treatment based on race or national origin.

Paula Rogers, who is half Japanese, charged that she suffered job discrimination at the hands of former East Asian Languages and Literature department supervisors, including Noriko Fujii. Among other claims, Rogers alleged that a less-qualified “pure Japanese” colleague received a three-year contract extension when Rogers herself did not.
The jury found that Rogers failed to prove any of her claims against Epstein, Woollacott, Stone and former UO associate College of Arts and Science dean Wendy Larson.
The jury did award damages for retaliation for filing the grievance – but only $20,000. Not much compared to the $500,000 they paid out to PPPM Prof Jean Stockard three years ago, after UO administrators retaliated against her, for having the gall to report this:

The problems Stockard reported concerned the treatment of three South Korean visiting scholars who complained that they had been charged for services that should have been covered by their tuition and that they did not receive the training they paid for.

Stockard claims in the lawsuit that she brought the problems to the attention of UO officials, including President Dave Frohnmayer and then-Provost John Moseley, but that they failed to take action. She later reported the issue to the secretary of state’s fraud and abuse division.

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