Where’s our money.

From UO newsclips:

Pac-10 schools face funding losses: States cut funding for Pac-10 schools as budget losses impact financial aid and tuition hikes. — The Daily Evergreen

(WSU does not stand alone in the face of higher education budget cuts.  Throughout the Pac-10, the challenges of a tight economy are weighing on education. … UO James C. Bean, provost and senior vice president for the University of Oregon, said UO is in a different situation than other Pac-10 schools. State funding for Oregon universities plummeted in 1991, he said, so UO underwent reorganization years ago. Although the university is facing a 16 percent cut in state support, only 8.5 percent of university funding comes from the state in the first place. Also, student enrollment has increased over the past couple years from about 20,300 to 22,000, most of them out-of-state students, he said.)

Let’s see, that’s $21 million in new revenue, (minus the state loss) most of which seems to have gone to fund UO’s ever increasing administrative budget. Still think that’s 38% of our peer average, Provost Bean?

And let me add a plug for UO Newsclips. They are the most honest PR people I’ve ever heard of. Every day they send out an email with every news story that mentions UO.  They make a point of including the negative. Even letters to the Editor from obviously crazy people on rants – you we know who you we are. The OUS PR person, Di Saunders, has a similar service but she just sends out the goody-goody stuff.

From their website: To subscribe to UO E-Clips: Send an email to “uonews@uoregon.edu” FROM YOUR “@uoregon.edu” ADDRESS with “Subscribe E-clips” on the subject line.

Tell them UO Matters sent you.

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