Bellotti’s retirement deal is hardly the only fishy one

4/6/2010: There will be a lot of attention paid today to the unusual verbal contract which, apparently, Frohnmayer and Kilkenny negotiated with Bellotti with the help of UO General Counsel Melinda Grier – leaving President Lariviere holding the bag.

Here’s another case of the sort of sweetheart deals that have become common among UO administrators:

Former President Frohnmayer’s unusual contract with former Provost John Moseley is here. It seems to be a blatant attempt to subvert the PERS rules. OUS auditor Pat Snopkowski looked into this, and her report forced UO to write this contract amendment, signed by Moseley and UO Provost Jim Bean.

Moseley’s new contract gives him responsibility for only one of the 4 job duties laid out in his original contract. He’s now “Liason with Central Oregon”. He does this from his fishing retreat on the Deschutes – you can rent one of his lodges here, for $4300 a week during the high season. Meanwhile UO pays Moseley 1/2 time at a $248,941 FTE, until 2012.

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