OUS Board to conduct its own investigation of Bellotti deal

4/1/2010: From Mike Tokhito in  the Oregonian:

“In light of these circumstances and disclosures, I’ve requested the director of internal audit, Patricia Snopkowski, to review the agreement and the circumstances surrounding its execution, in order to assure that all applicable laws, rules and board policies have been met,” George Pernsteiner, chancellor of the Oregon University System, said Thursday morning at a meeting the higher education board’s Governance & Policy Committee at Portland State University. 

Pat Snopkowski is very familiar with UO’s funny employment rules – she wrote this audit report on Frohnmayer’s unusual contract with former Provost John Moseley, here. It’s a blatant attempt to subvert the PERS rules. New AD Lorraine Davis got a similar deal from Frohnmayer when she retired as VP for Academic Affairs. Snopkowski’s report led to this contract amendment signed by Moseley and UO Provost Jim Bean. While Moseley’s new contract gives him responsibility for only one of the 4 job duties laid out in his original contract, he is allowed to keep the entire 0.5 FTE in his original contract. BTW, the info for Ms Snopkowski’s anonymous tipline is

OUS Hotline: 1.888.304.7810
Or at www.ous.edu/financialconcerns
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