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Law school ups Melinda Grier’s teaching load

8/23/2010: We wrote a few weeks ago about how Russ Tomlin brought a sudden end to Dave Frohnmayer’s freeloading golden parachute retirement ride. Now the Law School has added another course to the  teaching load for former General Counsel Melinda Grier. Of course, this is still just 8 credits, for a $174K paycheck. And given that there’s only one student still registered for her Fall course on Employment Discrimination, I’m guessing that she’ll be down to 5 credits soon. We are not complaining, this is money well spent – unless you are paying law school tuition, that is.

And this isn’t the only improvement at UO. You can now log onto Nathan Tublitz’s Financial Transparency Tool via Duckweb, and see who is paying Grier’s salary (below). I’d assumed they’d shoved this off on the law school – but instead central administration is paying it. And under Brad Shelton’s new budget model, that actually means something.

Frances Dyke argued hard against this Transparency Tool at the Senate meeting. And it is still a crippled version of what we have been promised. But thanks to President Lariviere, Jim Bean, Brad Shelton, and Nathan Tublitz we can actually look things like this up online. Bit by bit, this is how we are going to get to a place where the faculty can actually trust our administration. 




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