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Bolt on Bloat

10/3/2010: Greg Bolt has a few articles today on the athletic department budget (Mullens’s report is here), including one on how little data Jamie Moffitt and Rob Mullens are willing to provide the press.

Here are some additional spreadsheets, that include somewhat more detailed breakdowns of revenue and expenses than that in the article:

Much more detail – down to the individual transaction – should be available when the Senate’s Financial Transparency reporting tool is available. When will that be? After Nathan Tublitz’s UO Senate motion passed in May 2009, Frances Dyke sent out this memo:

This project is now more than a year late. A crippleware version is available through duckweb – that’s where the spreadsheets above come from. There has been a long list of excuses for the failure to remove the restrictions on what the duckweb tool provides. 
Now the people in charge of it just shrug. Personally I don’t think what Frances Dyke agreed to will ever see the light of day, regardless of President Lariviere’s calls for transparency. The athletic department simply has too much to hide.

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