Gov’s girlfriend investigation

3/4/2011: State energy official Mark Long was accused of helping Cylvia Hayes, Kitzhaber’s girlfriend, get a chunk of a federal grant. If I read this story right, Long’s attorneys Dave Frohnmayer and Bill Gary have now leaked a bunch of documents to the Oregonian, and are now threatening Sean Riddell, the state DOJ attorney who led the investigation, with an Oregon Bar ethics complaint for lying to a witness during the investigation.

Lawyers lie all the time – that’s their job – and they catch each other at it all the time. But one lawyer threatening another lawyer with an ethics investigation is almost unheard of. This is I’m going to turn over the table stuff.

What is Frohnmayer doing working on this case? Mark Long is the son of one of Frohnmayer’s old colleagues from back when he was AG. Frohnmayer started working at Harrang, Long, Gary and Rudnick back in 2009, during his sabbatical from UO. This may have been a violation of OUS rules, and the state is currently investigating this and some other irregularities in his contracts.

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