Bill Gary on George Pernsteiner’s voting residence

4/12/2011: Nice try, from Pernsteiner’s attorney:

The complete letter is here. Mr. Gary’s letter does not seem consistent with Chancellor Pernsteiner’s expense accounts and calender, here. But some additional data should answer that question, and I will get it. I certainly don’t want to clog the tubes with inaccurate posts!

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One Response to Bill Gary on George Pernsteiner’s voting residence

  1. Chesire Cat says:

    the Cheshire Cat feels like s/he is back in Wonderland. Cat worked abroad much of 2010 and submitted reimbursement requests for items not covered on the grant. The report had to be revised three times because of the lack of detail one who s/he met, when and where. Clearly the Chancellor is not subject to the same rules. Where are the auditors when we need them?

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