A battle Oregon should duck

6/17/2011: Full Oregonian editorial here:

It’s possible that the rancor between the board and the president is already too deep to produce the kind of unified chorus that the system needs. But that would also be a loss. Lariviere, although leaving a trail of broken china in his wake, has also forcefully raised the issue of what quality university system Oregon wants, helped put the question higher on the state agenda. His proposal for the bond issue, although unaffordable by the state and unfair to other institutions, has underlined the need for new ideas on how Oregon will pay for higher education.

Oregon’s higher education debate can use Lariviere’s excitement, but it can’t use a poisonous family argument. It also deeply needs a single message and unified leadership.

The OUS board is fighting Kitzhaber’s plan as well. Pernsteiner’s been in charge for 7 years. He has no coherent alternative proposal for Oregon higher education. Fire *him*.

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