2010 UO NCAA EADA report

7/8/2011: This is the revenue and expenditure report the UO athletic department files with the NCAA every Feb. You’d think the the athletic department’s Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director for Finance and Administration Jamie Moffitt would just post these on the web, but no. It took a month, a meeting with 6 people, and an IAC executive committee vote just to get this for one year. Enjoy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dog Says

    well for one thing right off the bat this report
    claims there are 15837 undergrads when
    in fact the number should be 19,534 (see
    fall term 2010 fourth week enrollment) from
    the Registrars site. Even if all the 2367
    part time students listed are undergraduates (this sites makes no distinction between part time undergrads vs part time grads) that still 17,200 students not 15,800.

    So basically, our NCAA report doesn’t know how many students there ever at the UO – probably
    a metaphor in this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks like they can pay almost for the Jacqua Center operating costs by dropping baseball. Easy call, Rob.

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