draft VP for Diversity job description posted for comments

7/15/2011: Here. It’s a mix of the usual complete bullshit and some hopeful signs that we might actually hire someone who will make some progress on these important issues.

The best part is that when the administration decides we are still “under-administered” and need a VP for Sustainability, they can save a bunch of money by skipping the high priced consultants and doing a quick search and replace of sustainability for diversity on this thing.

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2 Responses to draft VP for Diversity job description posted for comments

  1. Anonymous says:

    I prefer shorter job descriptions that provide a few of the basics–such as how many people are in the office.

  2. UO Matters says:

    I like the”CONFIDENTIAL” and “This report has been prepared exclusively for the University of Oregon and includes sensitive information. The use of this report should therefore be controlled and limited to those concerned directly with this assignment.”

    I wonder if this ever would have seen the light of day if not for my public records request for it?

    Sensitive information would be describing the origins of OIED in Joe Wade’s lawsuit against Frohnmayer and Moseley, or the USDOJ Civil RIghts investigation of the UMRP, or the NIH investigation of Martinez’s double-dipping, or the staff complaints against him, or the letter signed by 56 outraged staff and faculty that finally lead to his dismissal.

    When I met with the search committee I got the feeling Coltrane and Holmes had kept them in the dark about much of this. Hopefully the finalists at least will get a more honest portrayal of the situation before they sign on.