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UO pays $100,000 for Diversity VP search

7/13/2011: to the “Diversified Search Odgers Berndtson” firm. $75,000 so far, and we don’t have a job description yet. From their prospectus letter:

The draft I saw today – it will be posted here on Friday – was a hodgepodge of the usual platitudes – prepare a new “5 year Diversity Action Plan”! But first, pay us $75,000.

It seems like a pretty straightforward search contract though, download here. UO has plenty of diversity money for everyone to get their cut – let’s just make sure there’s nothing left over for low income student scholarships.


  1. Anonymous 07/14/2011

    The documents suggest that the search form was good at preparing invoices and we were good at paying them. What we actually received for those payments–aside from the attendance of consultants at “stakeholder meetings” (a.k.a, “visioning sessions”)–is anybody’s guess.

  2. Anonymous 07/14/2011

    Consulting’s a great business model if you can pull it off: 1. Identify some people with the authority to waste money; 2. Come up with some service that’s marginally useful, if not completely useless; 3. Use phrases such as “stakeholder interviews,” “professional competencies” and “organizational outcomes” to dazzle the people with the money so that they will pay bloated invoice$.

  3. Anonymous 07/14/2011

    The beauty of the search business is that every ambitious administrator wants to be in their rolodex – and there’s no better way to stay on their good side than writing them a fat contract when you are running a search.

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