Everybody gets a car!

Except of course for the players. That would be an NCAA violation. 31 UO employees get stipends for cars, they are all in the athletic department. The RH column is the annual amount in dollars.

Name Title courtesy car stipend
Abrams, Harold J Assoc AD – Dir of Dvpmt 4800
Altman, Dana D Head Men’s Basketball Coach 2000
Ancell, Joseph D Group Sales Manager 3600
Beck, Jennifer L Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach 4800
Campbell, Gary L Assistant Football Coach 3600
Checketts, Andrew W Assistant Baseball Coach 3600
Cohen, Jill A Events Coordinator DAF 3600
Cook, James F Asst Men’s & Women’s T&F Coach 3600
Davis, Lorraine G Special Assistant to AD 4800
Duncan, Michael P Sr Assc AD Facil Ops & Events 4800
Felton, Cattron K Asst Women’s Basketball Coach 3600
Fincher, Shawn A Regional Dir Dev Ptld/S Ca 4800
Fisher, Justin J Reg Dir of Development Bend 3600
Frost, Scott A Asst FB Coach – Wide Receivers 3600
Giansante, Joseph D Sr Assoc AD Ext Communicat 3600
Johnson, Robert A Assoc Hd Coach M&W Track Field 3600
Kirby, Michael J Assistant Baseball Coach 3600
Larson, Thomas J Assoc AD/CFO 4800
Metro, Stacy A Asst Volleyball Coach 3600
Miller, Blake A Assistant Softball Coach 3000
Moffitt, Jamie H Exec Sr Assoc AD Finc & Admin 4800
Mulkey, Felecia L Head Coach Stunts & Gymnastics 4800
Mullens, Robert A Dir Intercollegiate Athletics 7200
Muscatell, Daniel R Asst Women’s Basketball Coach 3600
Neal, John C Assistant Football Coach 3600
Osborne, Thomas S Special Teams Coordinator 3600
Scott, Ria Denise G Head Women’s Golf Coach 4800
Weir, Robert Asst Men’s & Women’s T&F Coach 3600
Westhead, Paul W Head Women’s Basketball Coach 7200
White, Michael C Head Softball Coach 3600
Whittington, Keila A Asst Women’s Basketball Coach 3600

From official UO public records as of May 2011.

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5 Responses to Everybody gets a car!

  1. Anonymous says:


    It is time to end the athletic arms race. Cap salaries, cap expenditures. Make student-athletes into student-workers. I have scholarship students in my research group that get paid for their work, why not football players?

  2. Anonymous says:

    No one in athletics has to pay for a parking permit either. Free parking for those free cars. And athletics employees get PERS on top of it all.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Are you sure about the free parking permits? I thought that was a violation of some OAR.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Take your lunch time and use it for a nice walk across the bridge to Autzen and look around at the cars and see if you can see any parking tags. Siphoning off funds from students isn’t the only thing athletics is taking.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It would also be interesting to know the funding sources for the reserved parking spaces around campus, particularly near Johnson Hall.