2 Responses to How much more can we increase tuition?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Recent trend for women may be ‘flatter’ but in 2010 is $59K men vs. $47K/yr women. Just noting. I was surprised it’s still that big a difference.
    But the main point is taken re. increasing tuition in this climate- and, here, for things like a new EMU instead of classroom upgrades.

  2. Duck Soup says:

    The peak in 2000 was at the end of the internet boom, probably an anomaly. A smaller peak after the recovery, then the sickening slide into the current Great Recession. A sad commentary on our declining economy and polity.

    The universities will need to reorient their private giving to support operating costs and relieve the trend in tuition increases, which clearly is not “sustainable.” Fewer fancy new arenas, jock boxes, alumni centers, new concert halls, please. We are living in a different world.

    Otherwise, college is simply going to become unaffordable for many people, plus the standard of living for college staff is going to go down. Unless the rest of the economy moves down at the same rate, an exodus of talent from the academic world. Earn more as a bankster! Earn more as an electician!

    A lot of people especially on the right now attacking academia for what are really the failings of the economy and polity. Sorry, but except perhaps for some high-powered econ professors like Larry Summers, the banksters and the bunkster politicians have a lot more responsibility for the economic disaster than do the professors of music, molecular biology, and classics. The former responsible for the student-loan difficulties, not the professors.