NYT on embarassing university public records

10/20/2011: From Tamar Lewin in today’s times, story here:

“This case presents the increasingly familiar tale of a public university that, embarrassed by its own wrongdoing, cries ‘student privacy’ in an attempt to frustrate public disclosure of information reflecting unflatteringly on the conduct of the university’s administrators,” the brief said.

This time, the University of Oregon manages to avoid being specifically mentioned in the New York Times. Last year UO spent $8,514 getting AG Kroger to write this public records order – also claiming FERPA – denying a Register Guard request for info about some athletic scandal. At this point, I can’t keep straight which one it was.

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One Response to NYT on embarassing university public records

  1. Anonymous says:

    How much has the University paid Hershner Hunter in the racketeering case where one of the issues of a false FERPA defense? A lot more than $8,000 I am guessing.