WWJBD? Bean for Chancellor

1/14/2012: Update: According to the latest records UO has stopped paying for his beamer. Interesting.

12/19/2011: Jim Bean went on sabbatical for his health, and at he moment he’s still on a sabbatical, visiting old friends to catch up on the last 15 years of OR research and scanning papers into his hard drive.

His official sabbatical documents say in one place that he plans to return as Provost in October 2012. But in another place he says he intends to go back to being a business school professor. (Not crazy – Bean’s predecessor as b-school dean Phil Romero did this when Bean was hired, and is still teaching away.)

But now Bean’s got a clean bill of health from his doctor and he wants to administrate, not scan papers or, god forbid, teach undergraduates. So, 2 weeks ago he told Pernsteiner he wanted to be the interim UO president.

When that got slammed by all the faculty and most of Johnson Hall, he apparently decided he wanted Lorraine to go back into retirement, so he could have his provost job back. Not going to happen. It’s already obvious to everyone that Lorraine is far more competent at it than Jim was, and he left her a pile of work.

The new president is not going to repeat what was probably Lariviere’s single biggest mistake and appoint Bean provost again without a search. On the other hand Bean’s going to have a tough time leaving: his sabbatical contract says if he doesn’t stay for a full year after, he has 3 months to repay his sabbatical pay and benefits – about $280,000, plus of course the bimmer:

Presumably he’s talking to head hunters now, but he’s in a tough spot. My proposed solution? Given him a job in the Chancellor’s office. Hell, make him Chancellor, and give him Treetops.

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4 Responses to WWJBD? Bean for Chancellor

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s curious that Bean can collect such a high percent of his salary. According to this page, http://ups.uoregon.edu/content/sabbatical-leave-instructions, the max anyone can receive is 85%. And that’s for a short sabbatical, not a full year.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What you are seeing, I believe, is his regular non-sabbatical contract. He will receive 60% of this amount during his 12 month sabbatical.

    Length of Leave for Fiscal-Year Staff
    580-021-0230 Staff members employed on a fiscal-year basis are eligible for one of the
    following types of leave:
    (1) One year (12 months) on 60 percent salary during the period of sabbatical leave;
    (2) Two-thirds of a year (eight months) on 75 percent salary during the period of
    sabbatical leave;
    (3) One-third of a year (four months) on 85 percent salary during the period of sabbatical
    Stat. Auth.: ORS 351.070; Stats. Implemented: ORS 351.070
    Hist.: HEB 3-1978, f. & ef. 6-5-78; HEB 1-1983, f. & ef. 1-19-83; HEB 1-1993, f. & cert.
    ef. 2-5-93; HEB 5-1996, f. & cert. ef. 12-18-96

  3. Anonymous says:

    He was kind of a joke as LCB dean, and now everyone is in on it. I don’t see how he could be Provost with everyone laughing behind his back.

  4. Anonymous says:

    He wasn’t half the joke the current LCB dean is. Makes many pine for the Bean days. Of course he was Beans choice and hired even after his first visit with faculty was an utter disaster. He was coached and brought back for a second visit.