UO tops in PAC-12 for men’s recruiting expenses

1/202012: From The Business of College Sports: We spent $922,632, about $150,000 more than the next highest, Washington. Presumably the $25,000 Chip Kelly paid to Willie Lyles is in there somewhere- though maybe not, as it was originally hidden as “library and research materials”. Also not sure about the $150,000 we are paying Mike Glazier to clean up the NCAA investigation of Kelly’s recruiting practices. Meanwhile USA Today is seeking a variety of additional info from the UO athletics department:


Upton, Jodi


USA Today

Initial Request Date: 


Status:  Requesting/Reviewing Records   01/20/2012 

 1)      The equity report completed annually by the athletic department for the National Collegiate Athletic Association for 2011. This report is a multi-page document that is submitted to the NCAA by mid January for the previous fiscal year, containing 36 revenue and expense categories, followed by specific breakdowns of each of those categories, by sport and gender. I am requesting the full report, which includes detail tables, the unaudited tables and the capital expenditure survey. PLEASE NOTE: The NCAA report is different than the equity report that is sent to the Department of Education’s EADA report for Title IX compliance. That document is shorter and contains less revenue and expense detail. It is well-established that these documents are public records, and USA TODAY has been collecting them for the past five years from all Division I public schools. The database can be viewed here: http://www.usatoday.com/sports/college/ncaa-finances.htm 

2)      The current contract for the men’s and women’s basketball coaches. If a contract is under negotiation, please forward the current contract but let me know that a new contract may be forthcoming. If there is no contact, please forward the letter of intent or other document that outlines the coach’s conditions of employment- including bonus structure- and a current statement of salary.   

3)      The most recent outside income report for the men’s and women’s basketball coaches. This is the annual document filled out each year by all coaches to comply with NCAA bylaw 11.2.2, in which athletic personnel report income earned by sources other than the university. Since there is no due date specified by the NCAA please forward the most recently-signed report. USA TODAY has also collected and posted such contracts (and outside income reports) over the past five years.

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