PSU fires 40 managers?

4/13/2012: That’s the rumor, from an anonymous correspondent. They recently hired a rather controversial VPFA, Monica Rimai. And their website reports some serious budget problems. UO’s operations in Portland are also not doing well either – reportedly losing $3.5 million a year. Good thing we didn’t let Frohnmayer and Bean buy that $1 million dollar reindeer sign.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    UO’s Portland campus is a complete joke. It never should’ve been set up in the first place. It has turned out to be an even worse investment than the Bend campus was. And to think that Portland VP Wendy Larson was among those upper administrators who received the biggest salary boosts in last spring’s round of pay raises. In the upper echelon of administrators, there seems to be little to no correlation between the rate of salary increase received and actual performance measures. Disgusting.

  2. Anonymous says:

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