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Union lacks transparency

5/2/2012: Wondering who is on the union organizing committee? The by-laws committee? Want to get involved yourself, maybe show up at a meeting to find out what the next steps are? Too bad. None of this info is on the union’s website or facebook page. Not even the time and place of meetings. I’ve also had a hard time getting answers from the organizers to post on the UO Matters Union Meta-FAQ. Apparently they are having meetings with departments however – I just learned this from a guy on the street. Anyone have a report from one of these meetings?


  1. Anonymous 05/02/2012

    It’s not like we didn’t warn you about this, UO Matters!

  2. Anonymous 05/02/2012

    Exactly! It has taken UO Matters a long while to follow up on *that* tip…

    I hope those who *are* in contact with the union be so kind and tell the rest of us who, when, where, what and how. And better still put all relevant info on their web page, it is the 21st century after all.

  3. UO Matters 05/02/2012

    UO Matters is a professional news organization. Buy us some scotch, and we will give you some union transparency.

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