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Public records officer search

is now underway. Job ad here. Randy Geller, Bob Berdahl, and Dave Hubin did not even notify the UO Senate Transparency Committee. This position was created by Richard Lariviere 2 years ago, with direct reporting to the president, to avoid the conflict of interest inherent in having the General Counsel’s office in charge of public records. Dave Hubin was put in charge after the first PR Officer went wacky, and the STC insisted that someone in JH take responsibility. As Lariviere said after the GC’s office had screwed up the Bellotti requests, had to pay out $2.3 million, and got slammed by the DOJ review:

“This institution did not follow acceptable business practices in the past. That will not be repeated by my administration.”

It’s now being repeated. In creating the office back in 2010, Lariviere said:

Lariviere has said he wants the UO to take timely action on public records requests, and provide media and others with all information that the university can appropriately and legally release. In announcing creation of the Office of Public Relations, he instructed staff in all departments to respond as quickly as practical to all inquiries from the new office.

But Bob Berdahl backtracked on that promise this spring, rescinding Lariviere’s efforts. 7/26/2012.

Update 7/27/2012:

The search committee includes:

  • Dave Hubin, Chair          Senior Assistant to the President, Office of the President  
  • Julie Brown                      Senior Director, Communications 
  • Kim Sheehan                    Professor, Journalism and Communication 
  • Doug Park                         Associate General Counsel, General Counsel

Doug Park is an interesting choice – he was in charge of public records requests for the GC’s office when that office failed to respond to repeated requests from the Register Guard, over a period of months, for a copy of Mike Bellotti’s contract. An expensive mistake by some lights, but by others it makes him perfect for helping UO find a PRO who will help the GC’s office restrict access to public records.

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