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Will Rubin proposes NCAA share money with players

In the ODE:

… With EA in the midst of fighting a class-action lawsuit led by former Arizona State quarterback Sam Keller, they went out of their way to show the public – and the legal experts – that the speedster in University of Oregon’s backfield isn’t De’Anthony Thomas,though everyone under the sun knows otherwise — including former UO great LaMichael James. 

James tweeted: “They got (Thomas) on the NCAA (sic) to real! I had 250 (yards), 9 carries yesterday lets just say I won the day but I lost the game lol.” Sorry LaMike, but that’s “RB #6″ who — although he’s the same height and weight as Thomas and has the same skill set — is of course not meant to represent the star sophomore at all. 

When one takes a closer look at the UO’s roster, it’s hard not to throw the controller down and walk away. For example: Redshirt sophomore Dustin Haines (Don’t give me any of that “QB #14″ crap) is not only listed as the backup to Bryan Bennett — he’s rated at 80 overall out of 100. In comparison, redshirt freshman Marcus Mariota is rated 75. Yes, you read that right; the guy who holds up the famed play cards is noticeably better than the possible starter.

Rubin knows more about video games than is healthy – but he’s also got a healthy cynicism about the NCAA.


  1. Anonymous 07/16/2012

    Generally speaking, how does UOMatters define ‘predatory capitalism’? Just curious.

  2. UO Matters 07/16/2012

    One variety is where institutions use political power to enforce monopsonies that keep wages below marginal product.

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